Map of Europe with countries shaded based on membership in NATO, the Warsaw Pact or nonaligned.

Cold War Europe Military Alliances Map

This map illustrates which states in Europe belonged to NATO or the Warsaw Pact military alliance. The white states were neutral. This map illustrates the infamous Iron Curtain and the split between West and East. Which of these states belonged to the Warsaw Pact?

Inset of Ukraine from larger map of 1918 Europe

Map of Europe, 1918

This map illustrates European borders prior to the start of WWI in 1914 with black lines and new states formed by the First World War in red. As the map illustrates, a number of states became independent from Tsarist Russia. What new states were these?

Map titled Map Showing Cornell University Lands in Wisconsin for sale. Description in annotation

Map of Land Grant for Cornell University, 1877

Similar to the New Zealand land grant, yet within a distinct political context, the development of land-grant universities in the United States followed and encouraged an institutional financing model based u

Headline of newspaper article "La fièvre jaune à Dakar - Il n’y a pas d’épidémie," explanation at link.

"Yellow fever in Dakar – There is no epidemic"

This is an excerpt from an interview with Blaise Diagne, the Senegalese deputy to the National Assembly, published in Le Matin, one of the major national dailies in metropolitan France.

The book jacket of Living History featuring a portrait of Hillary Clinton and her signature

Living History by Hillary Clinton

Written shortly after being elected a United States Senator, Living History is an autobiography by Hillary Rodham Clinton, politician and former First Lady of President Bill Clinton. Living History is a memoir covering Clinton's early years and her time as First Lady.

Cartoon of a giant man wearing a kilt and a turban straddling two land masses separated by water

Short Teaching Module: Making Empire Global - British Imperialism in India, 1750-1800

The study of world history has often overlapped with scholarship on empire and imperialism.

Front page of Hicky's Bengal Gazette Newspaper

Hicky's Bengal Gazette

Hicky’s Bengal Gazette was the first printed newspaper to be published in India.

Cartoon depicts a tug of war over a pie.

Cartoon Depicts Debate at Hasting's Impeachment Trial, 1788

Printed in London in 1788, this satirical print was a response to the debate unleashed by the impeachment trial of Warren Hastings, the former and first Governor General of India, as well as the impeachment proceedings initiated against Elijah Impey, the former and first Chief Justice of the Supr

Cartoon of a giant man wearing a kilt and a turban straddling two land masses separated by water

Cartoon Mocking British Policy toward India, 1788

This satirical print from 1788 constituted a cartoonist’s effort to make sense of and criticize growing governmental control over territories in South Asia.

Photo of handwritten letter. Transcription and translation on source page.

Primer: Transnational Mobility and State Formation

Modern nation-states and transnational mobility – the movement of people, things, and ideas across borders – are two important subjects for historians to study. They are two fundamental features of the modern world and have influenced one another constantly over the last several centuries.