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East German Political Cartoon
Cell Door in Lubyanka Prison
Cell Door in Lubyanka Prison
Susanna Pechuro's Memoir, Page One
Page 1 of Susanna Pechuro's Memoir
History Lesson at the Gulag Museum
History Lesson at the Gulag Museum
Punishment of Foulon
Traditional and Modern Primary Education in Thailand
Thai 100-baht banknote thumbnail image
Image of the King at the Festival of Federation
Thumbnail of engraving
Excerpt from Putevka 7
Excerpt from Putevka newspaper
Thumbnail of ostracon rock
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Foreign Relations of the United States, Volume XVII: Near East, 1961-1962
State Department logo
Portrait of Stalin
Black and white photograph of prisoner artist painting a large portrait of Stalin
Vote With Us
The Blood of the Murdered Crying for Vengeance
Engraving of a guillotine
Chinese Children at the Tjap Go Meh Festival in Makassar
Thumbnail of a photo of a child in costume riding a creature