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Pocahontas (Matoaka) 1595-1617
Children's Tunics
Children's Tunics thumbnail image
Liberian Letters
Image of one of the handwritten letters from the collection
Epistolae: Medieval Women's Latin Letters
Thumbnail of Painting of a woman holding flowers and a book
Africa Focus: Sights and Sounds of a Continent
Image from the collection titled "Making Pottery at Kwilu" taken by Robert E. Smith in the 1960s.  It shows a woman kneeling over a clay bowl she is sculpting with her hands.
The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record
Thumbnail of a painting of three women and a girl watching a patient being carried.
Day of 10 August 1792
Mediateca INAH
Beauty and Darkness: Cambodia
The image is titled on the site as "Children contend with a too-big bicycle, Pre Umbel" taken in 1991.  It is a black and white photograph showing too girls holding up a bicycle, unable to climb onto it.
Berlin Wall Trabant
Freedom on the Move
Outline of a man and woman running away, set against a background of advertisements.
Reports by Her Majesty's Agent and Consul-General
Reports by Her Majesty's Agent and Consul-General
Wetmore Print Collection
Detail of Durer's "Last Supper" from his Passion series showing Jesus holding one of his disciples
Mexican-American War and the Media
Painting of men on a stoop reading a newspaper with shocked expressions surrounded by