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Avalon Project: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
Portrait of a man sitting at a table
Active Citizen/ Passive Citizen
Louis XVI Stopt in his Flight at Varennes
Thumbnail of the king's flight
Spanish Civil War Posters
Collage of faces of men, women, children; one person is holding a rifle, another is holding a farm tool; the words at the bottom read "Por La Patria."
Hidden Lives Revealed: A Virtual Archive
Detail of a1919 photo titled "Group Photo St. Deny's Home for Toddlers" showing a group of young children and a nurse.
Custom of Cutting the Topknot in Thailand
Custom of Cutting the Topknot image thumbnail
Bust of Marat
Thumbnail of bust of Marat
History of Medicine and Medical Humanities
Ilustration of a nurse against a red background
Japanese-American Internment Camp Newspapers
Urban Dharma, Buddhism in America
Image of a monk praying before Buddha
Assassination of J. P. Marat
Thumbnail of engraving
The Adoption History Project
Image of an ad asking "Wanted: Homes for Orphan Children"
Digital Archive of Latin American and Caribbean Ephemera
Image of Central and South America
The Song Dynasty in China
Part of a Chinese picture scroll depicting a boat on a river and a bridge