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Ballad of the Striking Miners: Ballada Strajkujacych Gornikow!
Polish Voting Rights
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Logo for United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Beatles Petition and Response
Disaster in Armenia, 1988
A nineteenth century Vietnamese banknote
Soccer Ball Assembly Using Child Labor
The Days of 31 May and 1-2 June 1793
Thumbnail of print of demonstration
Taking of the Bastille
Taking of the Bastille thumbnail image
Girl with Mossi Doll, Burkina Faso
Thumbnail photograph of girl from Burkina Faso
1914 cartoon reading "Bound for Berlin: The Great War Game" encircling a German soldier with a frightened look
Lynching in the United States: 1883-1941
Image of a colored choropleth map
Siege of the Tuileries
Kuttab, or Primary Level Qur’an School
Mea Culpa of the Pope
Thumbnail of print