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A Democrat, or Reason and Philosophy
Arrest of Louis Capet at Varennes, June 22, 1791
Noble Act of 500,000 Republicans
Louis XVI Stopt in his Flight at Varennes
Thumbnail of the king's flight
Puerto Rico at the Dawn of the Modern Age
Inset of Puerto Rice from a map of the Spanish American War in 1898
Kuwera Relief Panel at Candi Mendut, Java
The Days of 31 May and 1-2 June 1793
Thumbnail of print of demonstration
King and Queen as Two–headed Monster
Mercator Projection, Eurasia Centered
Mercator Projection with Eurasia Centered
Visualizing Cultures
Screenshot of Visualizing Culture's content grid
East Germany Protest
Young Alcoholics in the Soviet Union
Speech in the Garden of the Palais-Royal
Thumbnail of drawing of man giving a speech for a crowd
Drawing of Khoi Dancers
Excerpt of Le Fresne