Early Modern (1450 CE - 1800 CE)

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Short Teaching Module: Building Materials as an Indicator of Transnational Encounters in Malaysia

Building materials are an important component of construction. The characteristics of each material determine the properties of a structure that can be built.

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British Police Station, Rasah, Malaysia

Many of the earliest British buildings in the Malay Peninsular were inspired by contemporary Malay structures. Most of these buildings do not exist anymore because they were built to serve temporary functions and were eventually replaced by permanent structures once masonry became available.

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Wooden Stockade on Penang Island, 18th century

This stockade was painted by Captain Elisha Trapaud in 1787 and the painting is preserved in the India Office Library in London.

2 Prints of a Sole Amerindian in a Canoe

2 Prints of a Sole Amerindian in a Canoe

These images of a man in a canoe come from the work of the Spanish official, historian, and botanist Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo (1478-1557), who created many images of Amerindians while he was in the Caribbean during the 1520s.

Image of the Mahabodhi Temple: a stepped pyramid with round dome-shaped structure (stupa) on top

Analyzing Travel Records

In a way, all historical thinking and all historical writing deal with travel accounts.

Gold earring featuring a skull with three dangles below it.

Aztec Skull Earring, 16th Century

Featured in this image is a pair of Skull Earring created by the Aztec. They were believed to have been created around the time of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire beginning in the early 16th century.

A woodcut of a man with no head and a face in his chest.

The Foreign Travels and Dangerous Voyages of Sir John Mandeville, 14th Century

This image shows a print from the 1568 version of the Voyages and travailes of Sir John Mandevile, knight. Sir John Mandeville’s Travels is believed to have been first published in the mid-14th century and rereleased many times in subsequent decades.

Text of Principall Investigations. Full text in transcription folder

Hakluyt's The Principall Investigations

This is an image of the first page of The Principall Investigations by Richard Hakluyt. The book was originally published in 1589. This is a reprint from between 1885 and 1890. Hakluyt was born around 1552.

An image of Elisabeth Chapman's quilted bedcover. The quilt is pieced together using multiple patterned fabrics.

Quilted bedcover of Elisabeth Chapman

This quilted bed cover was likely made for the marriage of John and Elisabeth Chapman on September 19, 1829.

A detail of the Love Letter, showing two women. One holds a letter while the other stands next to her.

The Love Letter by Jan Vermeer

Painted in the last phase of his career, Dutch artist Jan Vermeer’s The Love Letter is a work of oil on canvas that depict