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Digital Library of the Caribbean

Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)

The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) is a cooperative digital library that provides students, scholars, and the general public access to digitized resources from and about the Caribbean region. In partnership with archives, libraries, and private collections throughout the world, dLOC pulls together a comprehensive collection that include books and manuscripts, audiovisual, maps, gazettes, oral histories, newspapers and periodicals, photographs, and datasets. The platform covers a whole spectrum of themes, including agriculture, culture and history, economics, science and medicine, music and arts, politics and government, race and gender, religion and philosophy, slavery and resistance, geography and the environment, law, and archaeology.

From the dLOC homepage, students can begin their searches by using the Search Collection box. They could also browse the site’s main collections, such as: Caribbean Maps, Caribbean Newspapers, All Topical Collections, Law & Legal Materials, and Teaching Guides. The

Reviewed by Nashieli Marcano, Kennesaw State University

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“Educators, students, and scholars interested in understanding the strategic conflicts between European powers, the experience of Africans during the transatlantic slave trade, the emergence of the modern capitalist system, and the rise of neoliberalism would find in dLOC a wealth of content to draw from for their studies and projects.