German soldiers from WWI standing in front of airplanes preparing to fly and air raid over Paris

National WWI Museum and Memorial

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Trade Union graphic with the statement "Educate Consolidate Advance To Victory"

South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid, Building Democracy

This site is designed to provide high school and undergraduate students with primary sources and foundational information about South Africa’s multigenerational struggle to end apartheid and instate democracy.
Nobel Peace Prize Medal

Nobel Peace Center

However, most notable is their partnership with Minecraft Education. The Peace Center offers two Minecraft learning landscapes, Peace Builders and Active Citizen, both are targeted at students aged 8-15.
A large, earthen mound covered in grass set against a blue sky. The mound has stairs with people using them.

Poverty Point in Louisiana, United States

Poverty Point is a prehistoric earthenwork site featuring mounds, ridges, and a ceremonial plaza located in northeastern Louisiana, United States.

Islands under the sphere of Tongan influence in Oceania. The islands are green and the background is blue to represent the water. The screenshot is cropped to focus on the islands in the northwest of the empire.

Tu'i Tonga Empire Map

The Tu’i Tonga Empire was an Oceanic maritime chiefdom centered on the island of Tongatapu, the main island of Tonga, and flourished between 1200-1500 CE.

Newspaper headline: "O.A.C. graduates are eighty-two" transcription in folder in module.

Short Teaching Module: Indian Immigrants and U.S. Citizenship in an Imperial Context

Scholars often study citizenship and denaturalization in national frameworks. The history of legal status and its attendant politics and bureaucratic processes in the United States has long been tied to imperial constellations however.

Article on Mohammed Abdul Rashid. Full text in module folder.

Britain pressures U.S. to revoke citizenship of Indian activist

The US press often carried news of diplomatic issues in its headlines. This included references to matters of citizenship.

Headline: U.S. May Revoke Das' Citizenship. Full transcript in folder in module.

U.S. targets Indian activist, Taraknath Das

During World War I, U.S. and British officials expanded a transimperial surveillance apparatus designed to police enemy aliens and foreign threats. U.S.

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Speech by U.S. Civil Rights Leader Robert Williams, 1966

American civil rights leader Robert Williams delivered this speech on August 8th,1966 at a demonstration in Beijing commemorating the third anniversary of Mao Tse-tung’s “Statement

Text of speech. Transcription at link.

"The Problems of Third World Development"

The text is an excerpt from the 1974 Houari Boumédiène’s speech to t