Drawing of a boy squirting another in the face with a water gun.

Source Collection: Korean Colonial-Era Children’s Literature

Children's literature can reveal a great deal about the time and place in which it was written. These stories from Korea published in 1946 provide insights into ideas about childhood, play, gender, family and even national identity the newly independent and not yet divided nation.

Text in Korean "yong-gi" meaning "courage"


Published in 1946 for an audience of affluent, book-buying families in Seoul, Grapes and Beads realistically describes the daily lives of children in the poorer countryside with affection and respect.

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National World War II Museum

The museum also offers a bank of student resources, primarily research tools such as the yearbook database and Research Starters, a bank of statistics and introductory ma
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The Foreign Relations of the United States Series

The Foreign Relations of the United States series contains the transcriptions of historical documents related to significant official U.S. foreign relations events.
This chromolithograph, possibly from a multi-volumed History of Mexico, shows a processional standard with the Virgin of Guadalupe surrounded by Mexican flags and regimental standards. Beneath these are a captured American flag, the captured Texas standard of the Fayette County volunteers from the "Dawson massacre" of 1842, an unidentified regimental standard, as well as swords, bugles, cannons, and a pistol.

A Continent Divided: The U.S. - Mexico War

The UT Arlington Library's Special Collection is considered amongst the most comprehensive repositories on the U.S. - Mexico war, containing broadsides, sheet music, manuscripts, maps and graphic materials from both U.S. and Mexican sources.
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Middle Ages for Educators

...the site boasts more than 40 videos and video playlists, more than 125 different resource links, and worked with more than 50 subject matter experts on this project.
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National WWI Museum and Memorial

Due to the immense amount of resources, we advise educators to enter the databases with an idea of what they want rather than attempting to browse.
Armenian Genocide Memorial

The Armenian Genocide Museum Institute

As the AGMI states in its mission statement, it 'teaches universal lessons to combat hatred, discrimination, prejudice and apathy.'
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African Studies Center

The Center hosts or links to resources on just about every African topic an educator might want to focus on in the classroom.