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German soldiers from WWI standing in front of airplanes preparing to fly and air raid over Paris

National WWI Museum and Memorial

Due to the immense amount of resources, we advise educators to enter the databases with an idea of what they want rather than attempting to browse.
Armenian Genocide Memorial

The Armenian Genocide Museum Institute

As the AGMI states in its mission statement, it 'teaches universal lessons to combat hatred, discrimination, prejudice and apathy.'
Map of Africa with colored points

African Studies Center

The Center hosts or links to resources on just about every African topic an educator might want to focus on in the classroom.
The logo of the website which reads "Visualizing Energy: Data Stories to Guide an Equitable Energy Transition." The background is of a blue sky with windmills. Below there is a tab for featured data stories.

Visualizing Energy:

By combining written analysis with data visualizations, this project displays how energy policy can affect health and equity in a way that makes it interactive and easy to understand.
The top of a healing scroll; the paper is brown and there is a drawing of a saint riding a horse and using a spear to destroy a demon. There is a hole with a rope through the top of the scroll.

Ethiopian Healing Scrolls

Ethiopian healing scrolls are believed to eliminate sickness by ridding spirits and demons from an ill person. Originating sometime between the 1st and 8th century CE in the Axum empire, the scrolls are still used to this day, and still written in the Ge’ez script of the Axum empire.

A large, earthen mound covered in grass set against a blue sky. The mound has stairs with people using them.

The Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

The Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is an archaeological site of a pre-Columbian Native American city located in southwestern Illinois, near St. Louis, Missouri.

A woven textile with A closeup of a woven textile featuring a figure that may be a human-animal hybrid. He wears red and blue clothing, dark colored sandals, and has a golden-colored headpiece.

Coca Bag

This coca bag is from the Moche culture that existed in Peru between the period of 100 to 700 AD. The Moche are known for their ceramics, textiles, and metalworking practices, and this bag demonstrates the skill of Moche weavers.

A world map with orange markers placed at the site of protests from social media.

Map with Many of the Protests in Puerto Rico and the World 2019

An event in Puerto Rico that captured world attention and motivated the interest of many Puerto Ricans in the diaspora to participate was the Summer of 2019 movement.

The mummified remains of a child lay in a container. The child has a clay mask and red painted clay on their body.

Chinchorro Mummies

The Chinchorro mummies, named for the Chinchorro people of current-day Chile and Peru, are the world’s oldest known examples of intentional mummification. predating Egyptian examples by almost 2,000 years.

An image of sound waves with the text "play audio" under.

One Voice SOMOS Live! A Concert for Disaster Relief

Several Caribbean public figures (Puerto Rican artists Jennifer López and Marc Anthony and baseball player Alex Rodríguez) served as ambassadors of the Greater Caribbean before the world, to raise funds to address the immed