Boats and people on a Ghanian river

Exploring Africa

Its goal is to provide high quality resources about Africa and its nations for K-12 educators. Teachers and students can learn about themes relating to African history and information about specific countries in a well-researched, easily digestible format.
Olympic Museum Logo

Olympic Museum

The modern Olympic Games have become a symbol of international cooperation and sportsmanship. The IOC states that the Olympics are a forum “where the world comes to compete, feel inspired, and be together."
Nobel Peace Prize Medal

Nobel Peace Center

However, most notable is their partnership with Minecraft Education. The Peace Center offers two Minecraft learning landscapes, Peace Builders and Active Citizen, both are targeted at students aged 8-15.
Soviet Astronaut holding the red hammer and sickle for Soviet propaganda

A Visual Guide to the Cold War

The goal of the site is to facilitate discussion around key themes of the Cold War and provide insight into both American and Soviet perspectives.
Home Screen for Germany: Memories of a Nation with a vintage Volkswagen beetle

Germany: Memories of a Nation

"...MacGregor uses different artifacts and places to discuss specific topics or themes central to German identity, as well as providing historical context for each discussion."
Black consonant letters from the Ge'ez script against a white background. There are 26 letters in three rows.

Ge'ez Script

Ge’ez script is a script used in modern-day Eritrea and Ethiopia that dates back to the 1st century CE.

The top of a healing scroll; the paper is brown and there is a drawing of a saint riding a horse and using a spear to destroy a demon. There is a hole with a rope through the top of the scroll.

Ethiopian Healing Scrolls

Ethiopian healing scrolls are believed to eliminate sickness by ridding spirits and demons from an ill person. Originating sometime between the 1st and 8th century CE in the Axum empire, the scrolls are still used to this day, and still written in the Ge’ez script of the Axum empire.

A large, earthen mound covered in grass set against a blue sky. The mound has stairs with people using them.

Poverty Point in Louisiana, United States

Poverty Point is a prehistoric earthenwork site featuring mounds, ridges, and a ceremonial plaza located in northeastern Louisiana, United States.

A stone monument with two stones acting as posts and a third stone sitting vertically atop the others. The monument sits on grass and there are trees seen in the background.

Ha’amonga ‘a Maui in Tonga

Ha’amonga ‘a Maui is a stone trilithon located on the island of Tongatapu in Tonga. A stone trilithon is a stone monument with two large vertical stones acting as a post for the third stone set horizontally across the top.

A light-colored limestone altar. The altar is round and has glyph blocks in the center that are word and faded. Two cracks are on the altar but have had repairs lessening the lines.

Altar from the Classic Maya Period

This limestone altar was created by the Maya culture sometime between 300 and 900 CE and found in Belize in Central America. The altar is round and was carved with twenty glyph blocks on top, which are now faded and display cracks but also attempts at repairs.