Contemporary (1950 CE - Present)

Logo of the Office of the Historian with the title of the Foreign Relations Series using a background depicting old books.

The Foreign Relations of the United States Series

The Foreign Relations of the United States series contains the transcriptions of historical documents related to significant official U.S. foreign relations events.
Black and white image of the front page of El Bravo newspaper. It includes a logo that combines the US and Cuban flags. It also features a list of names.

Caribbean Sea Migration Collection

The resources found in this archive offer a close look at migration trends, practices, and life experiences related to official and unofficial responses to the humanitarian crisis product of Caribbean migration by sea into the US.
The ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, the two short heels are covered in red sequin and have small bows over the toe box.

Academy Museum

Though the Academy is an American organization, the film industry has long been international as people from across the world work on American films and American films are distributed globally. Additionally, the Academy instituted an award for Best Internation
Cartoon of layers of many types of maps, including data, topography, land, and contours.

World Heritage Site Map

The most well-known part of their work is the naming and administration of World Heritage Sites.
Map of Africa with colored points

African Studies Center

The Center hosts or links to resources on just about every African topic an educator might want to focus on in the classroom.
President Bill Clinton reading a book in a classroom

William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

Overall, we found that though the Clinton Library offers a few lesson plans pertinent to global history, these are a bit underdeveloped and educators wishing to use them should strongly consider using supplemental materials
Trade Union graphic with the statement "Educate Consolidate Advance To Victory"

South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid, Building Democracy

This site is designed to provide high school and undergraduate students with primary sources and foundational information about South Africa’s multigenerational struggle to end apartheid and instate democracy.
President Harry Truman speaking to General George MacArthur after WWII

Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

Among the student resources, teacher resources, and source databases, users will have access to materials with which they can discuss practically everything that happened in the world during Truman’s life (1883-1973) and even some things outside that time fram
Minecraft Education logo

Minecraft Education

Because Minecraft offers such a wide variety of sources and topics, it can be incredibly helpful to teachers. However, because game-based play poses particular risks, such as the possibility that students will not learn and only focus on playing.