Logo of the National WWII museum

National World War II Museum

The museum also offers a bank of student resources, primarily research tools such as the yearbook database and Research Starters, a bank of statistics and introductory ma
Medieval painting

Middle Ages for Educators

...the site boasts more than 40 videos and video playlists, more than 125 different resource links, and worked with more than 50 subject matter experts on this project.
"No Votes for Women No Census"

Census Protest for Women's Suffrage

This 1911 census form showcases one method of peaceful civil disobedience done by supporters of women’s suffrage in Britain during the early 20th century.

German soldiers from WWI standing in front of airplanes preparing to fly and air raid over Paris

National WWI Museum and Memorial

Due to the immense amount of resources, we advise educators to enter the databases with an idea of what they want rather than attempting to browse.
Map of Africa with colored points

African Studies Center

The Center hosts or links to resources on just about every African topic an educator might want to focus on in the classroom.
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Minecraft Education

Because Minecraft offers such a wide variety of sources and topics, it can be incredibly helpful to teachers. However, because game-based play poses particular risks, such as the possibility that students will not learn and only focus on playing.
Nobel Peace Prize Medal

Nobel Peace Center

However, most notable is their partnership with Minecraft Education. The Peace Center offers two Minecraft learning landscapes, Peace Builders and Active Citizen, both are targeted at students aged 8-15.
A clay figure with two heads and two female torsos, along with one set of arms and legs. The heads have cap-like hair and slightly detailed faces.

Ceramic Female Figure from Ecuador

This clay figure dates from the third millennium BCE and is evidence of the earliest known ceramic traditions of any ancient peoples in the Americas. This figure, and many others like it, are from the Valdivia culture of Ecuador.

Photo shows women working at sewing machines on both sides of 2 long tables.

Short Teaching Module: Portraying Women Workers: Beyond Norma Rae

Starting at the turn of the twentieth century, U.S. and insular government offices and textile and garment businesses incorporated women of the New South and Puerto Rico into manufacturing in distinct yet interrelated ways.

Film still shows two women in a factory. One (portrayed by Sally Field) has her arm around the other.

Norma Rae: Depicting Women's Labor History through Film

In this still shot from the movie Norma Rae, two pretty and petite white actors represent southern mill hands. Norma, portrayed by the famous actress Sally Field, stands with her mother (Barbara Baxley).