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One Voice SOMOS Live! A Concert for Disaster Relief


Several Caribbean public figures (Puerto Rican artists Jennifer López and Marc Anthony and baseball player Alex Rodríguez) served as ambassadors of the Greater Caribbean before the world, to raise funds to address the immediate needs of the 2017 disaster victims in Puerto Rico and many other parts of the regions around the Caribbean. This is an example on how civil society engages into intersocietal economic relations, i.e., international relations between societies forgoing governments. 

A generally common element that is perceived and confirmed in the documented histories of the Caribbean diaspora or any diaspora is a desire by those abroad to contribute to the well-being of their places of origin and the people there. In the case of Puerto Rico, this concern was reflected in the local and global media (although perhaps not enough) when a large number of Puerto Rican and non-Puerto Rican individuals and groups responded to the needs of those on the Island after the massive destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. One of many efforts to raise resources for Puerto Rico's post-hurricane recovery was the concert organized by Jennifer López and Marc Anthony under the name One Voice SOMOS Live: Concert for Disaster Relief. This event was broadcast nationally in the US and internationally. Funds were raised primarily for Puerto Rico, but also for the victims during those days of the hurricanes in other parts of the Caribbean, Florida, and Texas; the earthquakes in Mexico; and the fires in California. 

This source is part of the Economic Diplomacy in the Caribbean Since the Second World War teaching module. 


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