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Islamic Empire: Religious Text, Marriage Customs


The Hadith, or ways of the Prophet Muhammad, were collected upon his death from those who were close to him in life. Known as the Companions, these people played a key role in filling in the sayings and practices of Muhammad and his behaviors, recording them for future generations. Many of the key Companions to relay Hadith were Muhammad’s wives, particularly ‘A’isha bint Abu Bakr. In this collection, ‘A’isha and other female Companions relay important hadith related to marriage, including the importance of the practice for the maintenance of Islam and the value of modesty in pious wives.

This source is a part of the Women in the Islamic World, 600-1600 teaching module.


“Marriage is my way …”
The Prophet said, ‘Marriage is my way, and one who does not follow me is not among my followers. It is necessary for my followers to marry, so that I will be proud of my community. It is also necessary for followers who can afford to marry as well as for those who cannot afford to marry to fast, as fasting can suppress sexual desire.’

God’s Messenger said, ‘0 followers of Muhammad! There is none who has a greater sense of zeal than God. He has forbidden His male servant to commit illegal sexual intercourse and His female servant to commit illegal sexual intercourse. 0 followers of Muhammad! If you but knew what I know, you would laugh less and weep more.’

Wife Will Enter Paradise
She heard the Prophet say that when a woman died and her husband was happy with her, she would enter paradise.

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