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Mexicana: A Repository of Cultural Patrimony in Mexico

Mexicana: A Repository of Cultural Patrimony in Mexico

...this project seeks not just to aggregate existing digital collections but also to standardize metadata across institutions and encourage further digitization.
Screenshot of the 'Cover Averages' page from Robots Reading Vogue

Robots Reading Vogue

Experimenting with data mining on over 2,700 covers, 400,000 pages, and 6 terabytes from Vogue, Robots Reading Vogue is a stunning runway show that provides a model of how big data techniques and methodologies can be applied to the humanities.
Screenshot of the map and chart from Electing the House of Representatives

Electing the House of Representatives

Transforming electoral data into a clearer and more accessible form, the site is a nifty means of demonstrating democracy in action and provides an interesting visual record of how patterns of American voting have changed (or not in some instances) over time.
Screenshot of the 'Staff' page of The Decisive Network

Inside the Decisive Network

Developing our understanding about photography ... Inside the Decisive Network is a much-needed flash of brilliance that problematises the image of the lone genius photographer and highlights the work of all those behind the camera
Screenshot of map and chart from The Executive Abroad

The Executive Abroad

A visually stunning piece of historical cartography, The Executive Abroad provides a model for how we can map and visualise mobilities through the lens of how American political elites have travelled the world since the early twentieth century.

Native Languages of the Americas

Native Languages of the Americas is a potent and valuable resource for introducing historical and contemporary linguistics into the classroom as an extension of the discussion of native peoples in the Western Hemisphere.
Photograph from the collection of Metropolitan Railways Assistant Guards 'Consulting the Working Book'

Manchester Digital Collections

An incredibly user-friendly and accessible platform to explore an impressive array of digitized historical and cultural objects
Detail showing "Allegory of Amsterdam Prosperity" by Dutch painter, Gerard de Lairesse, 1665.

ECARTICO: Early Modern Cultural Industries

In addition to searching and browsing individual entries, ECARTICO allows users to visualize the relationships and links between cultural workers using quantitative data.
Picture of man sitting in front of landscape with a white laptop on his lap, next to a man in traditional dress. Behind them is a herd of animals.

Tibetan Oral History Archive Project

This oral history archive is made of interviews with Tibetan common folk, religious and governmental officials, speaking about their lives, or their understanding of the history of Tibet.
Black Hat Lama preparing for religious sacrifice at the New Year's ceremony, Sikkim

Sikkim Photos (Kandell Collection)

This collection offers a peek into how people lived in the Kingdom of Sikkim, despite the kingdom and monarchy no longer existing in the same form today.

Persian Language Rare Materials

The Persian Language Rare Materials Collection is an online repository of manuscripts, printed books, lithographs, and imprints which have a variety of purposes, including discussing scientific, religious, philosophical and literary topics.

Korean Rare Book Digital Collection

These collection's topics include history, politics, social life and values, education, biology and more from the pre-modern Korean perspective.
Partial image of a map with a focus on a compass, surrounded by the word 'America'

Discovery and Exploration

The maps in the collection depict many geographical points of view, including the entire globe, specific areas of focus such as America itself, or even of specific coastlines.
Image shows a judicial bench from the Cherokee Nation. Three chairs and two flags US and Cherokee are behind it.

Indigenous Law Web Archive

The Indigenous Law Web Archive is an archive of documents concerning the laws and practices of Indigenous nations of the US, which have their own sovereign governments.
Image of clay figure of a woman with an ill defined face and long arms. It appears to be wearing a skirt.


Diotima holds materials related to teaching Ancient Mediterranean Studies from a feminist perspective, including bibliographies, open access images, as well as syllabi.

Piracy Trials

As the title suggests, the collection deals with piracy prior to 1923, in this context referring to robbery or violence committed on the high seas.
Map of the coast of Liberia, with a relief shown by hachures. It shows boundary of tribes, mission stations, colonist towns, and native towns.

Maps of Liberia, 1830 to 1870

This collection offers a unique opportunity to study black history and culture, both in the diaspora as well as in Africa itself.
Poster shows a woman dressed in Stars & Stripes, symbolizing America asleep.

World War I Posters

This collection is useful in a variety of ways—to study history, to study art and graphic design, and even to study pop culture.
Black and white photo of a man in profile with a bead and mushtash, wearing a keffiyeh

Eltaher Collection

This collection is a good resource for learning about the fight for decolonization in the Middle East and Northern Africa, from the perspective of those being colonized.
Scroll frontispiece

Online Museum Educational Resources in Asian Art

The OMuERAA connects with more than one hundred museums, making a rich array of educational materials available to students and instructors