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Portrait of Gaspar Sánchez


This seventeenth century painting depicts the Jesuit theologian Gaspar Sánchez. He was born and educated in Spain, but his published works were distributed throughout the Spanish world. For example, the Jesuit library of Tepotzotlán has multiple volumes. Several aspects of this artwork shed light on the identity of Sánchez. The dark clothing he wears are traditional Jesuit robes, and the symbol upon which he is gazing represents the Jesuit Order. This religious scholar is also positioned in the middle of writing, in addition to being surrounded by books. The lily that sits on his table is a common symbol for purity. This painting would likely have been displayed in a monastery, or the home of a church official. The ecclesiastical figures in New Spain maintained strong connections with the church in Spain. There was a constant flow of people, ideas, and books between the American territories and Europe.


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Annotated by Brittany Erwin.

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