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Execution of Marie Antoinette (16 October 1793) at the Place de la Révolution

Engraving of the execution of Marie Antoinette


This postcard in English and French does show the broader scene at the execution of the Queen. Before the guillotine stands Marie Antoinette with Sanson, the same executioner who had dispatched her husband ten months before. Surrounded by soldiers, and tens of thousands of onlookers, she awaits the moment of death. Also on the platform is Marie Antoinette’s confessor. The execution, like that of her husband, took place at the Place de la Révolution, recently renamed from Place de Louis XV (currently Place de la Concorde). Dominating the entire scene was a giant statue of Liberty sitting on a pedestal that once held a statue of Louis XV. In Liberty’s right hand is a pike while she wears a Phrygian cap. This reshaping of the monarchical square seems quite consistent with the elimination of the Queen.


Title in French
Journée du 16 Octobre 1793

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