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Day of 13 Vendemaire of the Year 4

  • Day of 13 Vendemaire of the Year 4


In the waning days of the Convention in the fall of 1795, royalist–influenced sections of Paris revolted to prevent the adoption of a new constitution that protected the position of the radicals. Bonaparte was delegated to put down the uprising of 5 October 1795 (13 Vendémiaire Year IV). Bonaparte’s decisiveness and willingness to fire cannons on the demonstrators—in his words, to "give them a whiff of grapeshot"—consolidated the government’s control, but revealed how much the revolutionary state after Thermidor was dependent on the military.

Day of 13 Vendemaire of the Year 4, 1797, Bibliothèque Nationale de France.


Title (French)
Journée du XIII Vendemiaire, l'an IV


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