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Day of 10 August 1792

  • Engraving of riot uprising


This engraving gives a ground–eye view of the action; far from an orderly operation, the "day" appears chaotic and menacing, as the inspired people face what appear to be cannons being fired by royal soldiers. This romantic image would become the predominant view of this event.

1792, Bibliothèque Nationale de France.


Isidore-Stanislas Helman (engraver)
Antoine-Jean Duclos (engraver)
Charles Monnet (designer)

Michel Hennin. Estampes relatives à l'Histoire de France. Tome 127, Pièces 11149-11230, période : 1792
de Vinck. Un siècle d'histoire de France par l'estampe, 1770-1870. Vol. 29 (pièces 4856-5017), Ancien Régime et Révolution

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