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Anonymous Portrait


This image depicts an unnamed man with a mustache. It dates from approximately 1880, according to the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia de México, where it resides. The exact origin of this image, or its connection to nineteenth-century Mexican life, remains unclear. However, the document leaves several clues to the identity of the subject. For example, inscriptions on the border provide some information. A note reading "INCREMENTO FOTOTECA SILVIA TREJO" could be a reference to the photography studio that produced the image. Two letters in the bottom left corner ("E.L.") might be the initials of the man. The physical composition of the photograph also reflects common practices of the late-nineteenth century. It features a floral frame, and the image has been retouched to add green to the background and pink to the face of the man.


"Hombre con barba y bigote viste con levita y corbata, retrato." Mediateca INAH. July 14, 2021.
Annotated by Brittany Erwin.

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