The Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, like many museums, has digital exhibitions and information available on its website. While some exhibitions are permanent, such as the “Living Our Cultures, Sharing Our Heritage: The First Peoples Of Alaska” exhibition, which, while not available online, does offer a description of the exhibit and some of the artifacts being displayed, others are on a rotating basis, such as the “Black Lives in Alaska: Journey, Justice, Joy” exhibit, which has some programming ards available on the Anchorage museum website.

In addition to those exhibitions, the Anchorage Museum also links to the Alaska Digital Archive, the Anchorage Museum library, and the Anchorage Museum Collection, where images of artifacts are kept. These images also include descriptions of the artifacts, as well as its date, the culture where it's from, and other relevant diagnostic information.

This website is a convenient resource for the classroom, as it provides links to actual lesson plans that may be used based on exhibits, as well as images from the museum’s collection that may not otherwise be available to visitors. Going to museums may not be an option for many students, in Alaska or elsewhere, and while this website may not serve as a direct replacement for that experience, it still supplements the classroom experience by providing more direct resources to students and instructors.

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