World History Commons Introductory Video Transcript

World History Commons provides free quality resources for teaching world and global history with over 1500 primary sources educators can explore a wide range of topics and themes in world history by region, time period, and subject. World History Commons presents four sections to start your class on a global educational journey annotations by scholars contextualize primary sources within broader themes and topics go beyond text bringing many kinds of sources into your classroom. This image is from the southwestern Central African Republic in the rainforest area. This was a dance that was to induct another group of BaAka into one of the hunting dances called Ndambo. Discover teaching strategies in world and global history short and long teaching modules draw together primary sources and essays along with other teaching activities to deepen historical thinking. Source collections bring together primary sources on a single topic with a contextualizing essay. A women and gender in world history syllabus provides 15 weeks of coursework with diverse topics and themes. Each week provides overviews and lesson plans using primary source material. Primers introduce subfields within world and global history with informative essays primary sources and bibliographies. Analyzing offers practical guidance for working with different types of primary sources. "Now if i would turn this upside down and put the water hemisphere on top and put the land at the bottom it would become even more apparent that water dominates the globe even on a mercator projection." Reviews introduce reliable websites for teaching and exploring world history. World History Commons free resources are curated managed and prepared for your classroom. Join educators around the globe in discovering World History Commons.