Organizing Learning Materials 2 Transcript

So, as you use World History Commons you will probably be also using a learning management system and you'll be thinking "how do I integrate these two together?" My experience is that learning management systems tend to struggle a bit with producing content within. So my best advice is simply to link out to the World History Commons directly. The World History Commons is well organized in terms of its website design, it's readable it's got good accessibility and you won't have to worry about cutting and pasting and ensuring that you have images or embedded content displaying appropriately in the learning management system and so the easiest thing I found is simply to take one of the links from World History Commons, copy it and paste it where I need it in my learning management system and then tell the students what it is that they're going to look at and then we can use the learning management system to manage grade submissions, assignment submissions, and we can use the World History Commons to provide the content without having to worry about logging. So my best advice for those who wish to use a World History Commons in conjunction with the learning management system is simply to link directly from the learning management system to the World History Commons and that has worked very well for me.