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Meeting Poster for Solidarity Rally


This electoral poster invites readers to attend a meeting on May 1, 1989 to discuss the upcoming election. A tentative translation of the poster is: "Solidarity's Struggle. We invite you to a public meeting on the free balloting at Constitution Place on May 1 at 9:00 am." This sort of poster is an interesting artifact of the campaign for the first free election in Poland since the interwar years. It is printed on low grade paper and the ink is smudged, indicating that it is from a very low budget campaign—a low budget campaign that still managed to defeat the Communists quite easily. The poster also uses two simple images—the by then well-known Solidarity logo and at the bottom right... need someone to decode the logo at the bottom right.


Item B, courtesy of Solidarity Collection, Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery.

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