Integrating World History Commons into your LMS transcript

Hello, my name is Monica Ketchum and I'm a Professor of History at Arizona Western College in Yuma, Arizona. Today I want to talk a little bit about how to use World History Commons in within your LMS system. Using open educational resources housed in World History Commons gives instructors the ability to direct students to the site to conduct research and access source materials for course assignments however you may opt to embed materials into your learning management system to create assignments or ensure that students with limited research or tech skills have easier access to the primary sources. My institution uses Canvas but the same process can be followed for Blackboard D2L and other LMS's. It's important to note that all content in World History Commons have stable links so the easiest way to share materials with students is by simply creating links to specific documents you want them to access. So let's say you have modified a lesson and you want to link students to one or more specific sources in World History Commons find the teaching module.

And I'm going to go to a long one because it's got a little bit more sources. And then you'll identify the primary source that you want to use and when you find that you can just click on it and then at the top you can copy the url and then go to your LMA and you can create a link so in this case i'm going to an external url copy and paste it give it a page name. I'm just going to call this Boy Scouts for short. Always put load in a new tab that way as students can navigate back and forth between their their assignment and these various sources and then add item once it's in there you can easily click the link it'll open a new tab and it clicks directly to the source. Pretty easy so if you want to create an assignment. You can embed links and assignments or you can create a static assignment like this one which I created that uses images and annotations from two separate sources within World History Commons. All images in World History Commons can be downloaded so you can add them to the LMS. So here what I've done is I've taken two different sources including included the images put a description at the bottom and the sources and then I did a mashup. I included uh some of the annotation from the Greek source from the Athens source one from the Sparta source. And then at the end I have some specific questions that I want the students to address. Now how did I do that? Quite simply I searched around World History Commons and in a long history module that was called primary sources on the history of children and youth. I found the ancient Greek adolescent girls at play if you click on that source again you can simply right click save the image you can copy and paste the annotation. The annotation I just copied and pasted that I'm going to add the image if the image is too large you can always resize it which works really well in Canvas when you need to put a couple of them next to each other. In this case I'll just do a medium image and then you can do the same thing for the Greek athlete save the image upload another image. Really really need to resize this one. And then I would just copy the annotation go back and copy the citations. And then within the assignment within the assignment I would just go ahead and edit it and then add my questions once it's done. Add you know whatever you want is in terms of the due dates all that good stuff how many points you want it to be worth and then save it. And the other thing that you can do with this is if you are sharing your Canvas shells you're using another one of the OER principles which is redistributing it. So if it's if it's public then other uh instructors will be able to also access these static assignments that you've created. So I hope this gives you some ideas as to how you can reuse revise and remix content from World History Commons in your learning management system.