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Global Studies at Penn State

Penn State College of the Liberal Arts

The Global Studies Center website hosted by Penn State strives to create a multi-disciplinary resource for educators and researchers. The site achieves this goal through a profound emphasis on a globalized world for both researchers, students, and educators to have access to events, resources, and community involving the idea of globalization. The site offers a well-organized web page divided into three tabs: Review, Research and Teaching Sources.
The research tab opens into three categories: academic mission statement, languages, and academic resources. The academics tab aligns with the center’s sustainability and ethical leadership statements designed to facilitate globalized interconnectivity. The languages tab opens into the languages that the program has highlighted as less commonly taught languages of global importance, Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi. Of all the languages, Arabic offers both a student resource tag and a teacher resource tag. The student resource link within the Arabic section offers links for the language keyboard settings, helpful vocabulary lists and grammar charts, and PDF's. The teacher resource tab opens into helpful resource centers available for the teacher to use with well thought out descriptions for each link. Chinese and Hindi offer visitor access to the language departments for each one, and there the user has access to the materials collected by those language centers. Lastly, the Academic Resources tab links to sectioned off periods starting from 2012 and ending till 2018. Each year offers the visitor access to video recordings of lectures from multiple conferences, including lectures on strategic intelligence done by Col. Lawrence Wilkerson. These conferences also include international and regional discussions on globalized studies and interaction, creating diverse and inclusive resources for both researchers and educators.
The teaching resources tab splits into K-12 resources and community college resources. A helpful resource on this tab is its instructions on how the educator can navigate their academic resource plans. The K-12 tab gives users access to grade-specific material, including lesson plans, usable PowerPoints, and games for download that aid in the teaching of globalized studies. The community college tab offers modules for syllabi creation and examples of multiple lesson plans built off of these modules that include sustainability in curriculum and the Middle East. The modules offer assignment ideas, a grading scale, and a resources list for each page's specified module. Both academic resource tabs have links to additional Penn State resources for teaching and external sources outside of Penn State that have been made available on the site. This aspect of the site is paramount in giving accessible and well-organized examples for any educator.
Overall the Penn State hosted Global Studies Center website offers a vast array of sources for researchers and educators alike that caters to a globally centered education system. The site boasts proudly the many awards and grants they have attained through their diligent maintenance and promotion of global studies and is truly a valuable resource in attaining an interdisciplinary approach to scholarship.

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