Finding Specific Sources

So, the way I find precise items, say I know exactly what I want to cover is I will go to the search bar in the upper right hand corner and I will type in the keyword, the precise keyword, that I want in quotation marks and say I want to look at water and I want to look at rivers. So I'll type "water" and "rivers" in quotation marks and then I'll do a search. Often it will come up with a host of materials and again it's just looking for those terms and so it'll show me any, everything that says "water" and everything that says "river." Well for example, there's a source called the Magna Carta that has the word watering, so it shows me that. But maybe I'm not interested in England so if I really want to narrow it down I will choose one of the filter's key terms and these can be found if you click on sources and then on the left hand side. There's region filters, time periods, subjects, and types and I will choose one or more of those filter terms. For example, I may want to look at water and the industrial revolution. So I will type in "Industrial Revolution" in quotation marks into the search term, close those quotation marks, and then type in "water" in quotation marks with closed quotation marks and then I'll search for that and that is how I find precise items when I know exactly what I'm looking for as defined by a region, by a time period, by a subject, or a type of source.