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Bulgaria's First Non-Communist Political Party


Ecoglasnost began as a social activism group focused on environmental concerns and a general human rights campaign. In March 1989, it became a "political club," officially seeking recognition as a political party in Bulgaria in June 1989. While it was dismissed in its first foray for legitimacy, on 11 December 1989 Ecoglasnost became the first legal political party in Communist Bulgaria other than the Communists. In November 1989, Ecoglasnost had led several peaceful demonstrations against the Communist Party, and on 7 December 1989 Ecoglasnost became one of the founding members of the Union of Democratic Forces that brought together all of the political resistance against the Communist Party. This final recognition from the government was a result of Ecoglasnost's growing influence. This report from the U.S. Embassy in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, reports the positive signs of democratization in Bulgaria occurring with the assistance of the Communist Party.

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Sofia Embassy to U.S. Secretary of State, "Ecoglastnost Officially Registered as Legal Organization," 12 December 1989, Cold War International History Project, Documents and Papers, CWIHP (accessed May 14, 2008).

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