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Excerpt from Memoirs by Catharina Schrader


This is a memoir written by a Protestant midwife, Catharina Schrader, who lived in Germany during the 1600s. It offers an important window into the daily lives and life cycles of non-elite women living in early modern Europe.

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Excerpt from Memoirs by Glikl


The is a diary written by a Jewish merchant, Glikl of Hameln, a woman living in northern Germany in the 17th century.

Excerpt of Le Fresne


Lais are short, poetic romances written during the Middle Ages in Western Europe. These stories were written and shared orally among nobility. Click on the image of writing to read an excerpt from the lai entitled Le Fresne. You also see an image of the author, Marie de France. Marie de France (Marie of France) was literate, not uncommon among women of her class, but she was... Read More »

Photograph of female prisoners shoveling dirt into railroad flatcars

Female Prisoners at Bamlag, 1933


Photograph of female prisoners shoveling dirt into railroad flatcars taken at BAMlag, the Gulag site engaged in construction of the Baikal-Amur railway.

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Fine Arts in Hungary

A handy feature of this site is the Guided Tours, designed to help users 'discover the territory of Hungarian fine arts.'
Florence Farmborough

Florence Farmborough’s Journal


Florence Farmborough was an English nurse working on the Russian front during World War I. Her diary contains many descriptive, lively accounts of the war and the very active role played by women, both in the traditional role as caretakers of the wounded, but also as fighters.

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Florilegium Urbanum

Inspired by the medieval concept of a textual anthology illuminating specific topics, Florilegium Urbanum allows the user to explore more than 200 short sources and excerpts from longer texts dealing with medieval English towns.
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Foot Binding


This photograph presents a very different vision of foot binding from that depicted by Western observers in the 19th century. Whereas Western visitors to China seemed most interested in the bound foot unbound, as deformity or fetish, this photo shows the bound foot as it had meaning in Chinese culture: as part of clothing or fashion. In this image, “small feet” are put into their proper... Read More »

Gagen-Torn's Memoir

Gagen-Torn's Memoir, Page One


Typescript Copy of the first page of Nina Gagen-Torn's memoir.

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Gender and Health in Latin America: Committee Hearing, Sterilization (Peru)


Eugenics, defined as controlled human reproduction based on notions of desirable and undesirable populations or genotypes, have gained attention predominantly in the context of European fascist regimes that aimed at eliminating or controlling populations. Hitler’s campaign to eliminate Jews is perhaps the best known case in recent history. The concept of eugenics, however, has (re-)appeared in... Read More »