Siege and Taking of the City of Lyon


In September 1793, in response to the unwillingness of the municipal government of Lyon to enforce the legislature’s laws, the Republic sent the deputies and Committee of Public Safety members Georges Couthon and Jean–Marie Collot d’Herbois with a republican army to lay siege to the city and destroy all elements of "counterrevolution." The city surrendered on 9 October. Couthon, Collot, and... Read More »

Sire, They Are My Sons and My Wife

Sire, They Are My Sons and My Wife


Napoleon cultivated the intense personal loyalty of his troops with engravings like this one, which suggests a personal interest in the ordinary soldier.

This source is a part of the The Napoleonic Experience teaching module.

Six Part German Caricature: Napoleon Is Now Reduced to a Manageable Size!


Napoleon is mocked through this diminutive portrayal of the former conqueror.

Original Format

Physical Dimensions
18.8 x 25 cm

Title (French)
Caricature allemande à 6 compartiments, où l'on voit un brave Allemand qui, à l'instar du chat avec la souris, s'amuse à tourmenter Napoléon de diverses... Read More »

Progression of Napoleon’s Life

Source Collection: The Napoleonic Experience


The bare facts of the life of Napoleon Bonaparte stagger the imagination and rival the plots of the most fantastic novels. Born in 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica, just as that island was passing from the hands of the Republic of Genoa to those of France, Bonaparte attended a French military school for impoverished sons of the nobility. Unlike many French nobles, he supported the Revolution, and... Read More »

A woman is carrying something on her head

South Texas Border, 1900-1920: Photographs from the Robert Runyon Collection

These images represent a valuable visual record of life in the south Texas borderlands during the 1910s and 1920s, as well as an important window onto a relatively understudied phase of the Mexican Revolution.
Thumbanil image for SouthEast Asian Images and Texts digital collection

SouthEast Asian Images and Texts

This website provides excellent primary and secondary resources dealing with two regions of the world that are underrepresented on the Internet: the Philippines and Laos.
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Soviet Policy Towards the West: The Gorbachev Challenge


As President George H. W. Bush took office in January 1989, factions within his administration disagreed concerning the approach to take with regard to US-Soviet relations. In December 1988, Gorbachev had delivered what he called a “watershed” address at the United Nations, announcing that he planned unilaterally to reduce Soviet military forces by 500,000, cut conventional armaments massively... Read More »

Collage of faces of men, women, children; one person is holding a rifle, another is holding a farm tool; the words at the bottom read "Por La Patria."

Spanish Civil War Posters

This collection allows students to analyze something other than texts, and recognize the many shapes that propaganda may take.
Bronze monument of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia

Stonewall Jackson monument, Richmond, Virginia, United States


The Stonewall Jackson Monument in Richmond, Virginia, was erected in 1919 to honor Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson (1824-1863), a Confederate general. Jackson, a former instructor at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), gained prominence, and his nickname, for leading a Confederate victory at the 1861 First Battle of Bull Run, Virginia. Jackson owned six slaves at the time of the war. The... Read More »

Red and white text reading 'Studs Terkel Radio Archive' on a black background.

Studs Terkel Radio Archive

As stated on the tin, the Studs Terkel Radio Archive is dedicated to digitising and archiving the numerous radio programs that Louis “Studs” Terkel (1912-2008) made throughout his prolific career.