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New York Public Library Digital Collections

The NYPL Digital Collection provides access to over 755,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities, including illuminated manuscripts, vintage posters, illustrated books, and printed ephemera.
Image from the Endeavor voyage

Papers of Sir Joseph Banks

Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820) was the botanist who sailed with Captain James Cook on his first voyage of exploration into the Pacific region between 1768 and 1771.
Image from a Spanish record of testimony

Parallel Histories: Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier

A bilingual, English-Spanish website, Parallel Histories assembles approximately 250 documents relating to the history of Spanish presence in the Americas since the 15th century.
Title page of The Voyages and Adventures of Ferdinand Mendez Pinto

Primer: Transnational History


Transnational History encompasses all history that transcends the national level. As a field within the discipline of History, it arose out of dissatisfaction with what was called “methodological nationalism”: the assumption in most historical inquiry that the nation-state is the main building block of history. By contrast, advocates of Transnational History argue that even national questions... Read More »

Ptolemy's World Map


Ptolemy was an ancient geographer working in Rome in the 2nd century AD. This famous map, that attempted to comprehend the entirety of the known world at the time, came from his popular and influential book "Geographia." Like all maps now, Ptolemy accounted for space in ways that geographers had never done before, based on mathematical calculations, offering coordinates for lands and cities... Read More »

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Res Obscura

Functioning primarily as the personal blog of historian Benjamin Breen, Res Obscura stays true to its by-line by being ‘a catalogue of obscure things’.
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Short Teaching Module: Indian Ocean Trading System, 1200 – 1450: The Power of Peaceful Exchanges: A Simulation


This simulation allows students to use their creative intelligence, as well as their ability to uncover archaeological and historical puzzles to work with primary sources, artifacts, and, as importantly, each other to show the power of exchange. Students work to understand why this elaborate trading system met most participants’ needs peacefully in parts of the Indian Ocean for almost three... Read More »

Detail of a print showing a market place titled "Un an en Malaisie" from 1889/1890

Southeast Asia Visions Collection

The range of sources and their ready accessibility also provides valuable material for work on diverse Southeast Asia topics related to local, regional, and global history.
Example map from StoryMapJS

StoryMapJS: Maps that Tell Stories

A completed StoryMap will take you through a narrative that links text and media to locations on a map. Rather than simply clicking through points on a map, the tool is designed to create a narrative flow by clicking on an arrow to advance the story in a predetermined order.
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Studs Terkel Radio Archive

As stated on the tin, the Studs Terkel Radio Archive is dedicated to digitising and archiving the numerous radio programs that Louis “Studs” Terkel (1912-2008) made throughout his prolific career.