Thumbnail image shows an ruins of an ancient temple with 6 tiers

A PreColumbian Portfolio: An Archive of Photographs

Each database record includes a caption, a brief (about 20-word) description, and information on the culture associated with the artifact, such as Maya, Olmec, or Zapotec.
Phelps mourning embroidery from American Centuries' collections.  It shows two people visiting a grave flanked by weeping willows.

American Centuries

A section of the site called "In the Classroom" offers numerous lesson plans for elementary and middle-school teachers, some written by museum employees and some by schoolteachers themselves, using materials in the online exhibits.
Print shows several men some are drinking, some serving wine. One plays a stringed instrument.

An Abassid Caliph Drinking Wine, Presented by His Wine Steward


This image shows customs of the Abassid caliphs of Soutwestern Asia which included drinking wine. This would have been a part of their culture when Muslims explored other parts of the Asia and parts of Africa in this period.

Army of Jugs thumbnail image

Army of Jugs


This color drawing, produced in 1793 at the request of the Committee of Public Safety and then published as an engraving, caricatures the British army and its king, George III, as incompetent, who, despite fine uniforms, cannot defeat shoddily clad, yet energetic sans–culottes (on the left), who humiliate the British by defecating on the advancing troops. The British vainly try to respond with... Read More »

Logo for Austrialian Periodical Publications 1840-1845 showing the title in front of newspaper pages

Australian Periodical Publications Project, 1840–1845

The manner in which newspapers in this period created transnational links, both in reporting news from elsewhere and in systematically including extracts from other papers, makes them an especially pertinent source for the study of world history.
Bronze sculpture of Buddha sitting under a tree

Buddha Sheltered by a Naga


This sculpture is of the serpent king Muchilinda protecting Buddha, popular in the 12th century Khmer Kingdom, and would have been seen in the travels of Chinese explorers in Southeast Asia and may have been brought with them on the travels to show the importance of healing throughout the kingdom. It shows the important role of Buddhism in this part of Asia.

Thumbnail of landscape painting with a road bordered by palm trees, mountains in the distance

Caribbean Views

The online collection is of extraordinary quality, both in terms of the scanned images and the contextual detail provided.
Building Cortes's  fleet of brigantines by Duran Codex, 1521 image showing Indigenous people building boats for Hernan Cortes

Colonial Latin America

This site provides a number of opportunities for students to analyze visual and written texts, and to think about the way historians interpret documents to write history.
Homepage of Constitute website

Constitute: The World’s Constitutions to Read, Search, and Compare

Constitute provides full text for almost all active constitutions around the globe, making it a powerful teaching tool for government, political history, and civic engagement.
Stellar diagram features a drawing of a ship surrounded by Chinese characters

Diagram of Admiral Zheng He’s Navigational Chart, 15th Century


This chart by an unknown author shows the navigational route that was taken by Admiral Zheng He from Hormuz in southwest Asia to go to Calicut, India that is described by Ma Huan here. It will help students ascertain many of the details made by the Chinese explorers in this period to arrive in Calicut and elsewhere in the... Read More »