"Letter from a Gentleman in Paris to His Friend in London" (1757)


The news of Robert–François Damiens’s attack on the King and his subsequent trial spread rapidly and generated great interest across France and all of Europe. This pamphlet, published in London, describes for English readers the goings–on in Paris, especially the public outpouring of sympathy for the King and the general hostility toward Damiens. Damiens, even for this English observer, was... Read More »

Photo of a woman with writing in the background

African American Women Writers of the 19th Century

Students might examine how the inclusion of African American women's perspectives alters more standardized narratives of American history.
Phelps mourning embroidery from American Centuries' collections.  It shows two people visiting a grave flanked by weeping willows.

American Centuries

A section of the site called "In the Classroom" offers numerous lesson plans for elementary and middle-school teachers, some written by museum employees and some by schoolteachers themselves, using materials in the online exhibits.

Anecdotes on the Countess du Barry (1775)


Since the royal family’s ability to procreate was crucial to the perpetuation of the reign and thus to the continuity of the monarchy, the obsession shown in pamphlets about the bodies and sexual activities of King and Queen must be seen as having not just prurient interest for readers but also political overtones.This particular pamphlet, by a journalist named Mathieu Pidansat de Mairobert... Read More »

1897 watercolor of Sydney's port looking across the roofs of several buildings towards the harbor and ships

Australian Studies Resources

The wide assortment of material makes it useful for teaching many distinct themes relevant to world history.

Birth and Death in Romania, October 1986


In the last years of the regime, Pavel Câmpeanu, a prominent sociologist and a lifelong leftist and former prison cellmate of Nicoale Ceauşescu during World War II managed to smuggle out this article, which was published in The New York Review of Books. For his safety, the editors did not publish his name since it was known that the Romanian secret service was quick to punish, even assassinate... Read More »

Thumbnail of a photo of women working in a factoryThere is also a great deal of material on the foundation of female education and on the women’s suffrage movement.

Canadian Women's History

There is also a great deal of material on the foundation of female education and on the women’s suffrage movement.
Image of Francis de Sales whose works are included in the online library

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

This is still quite easily the best single location of source materials in English for the Reformation period online.

Curious Proposal of the Women of the Maubert Marketplace (1785)


As a result of the "libels" against the court and especially the Queen, a sense was spreading that the monarchy was not fulfilling its obligations in ruling over France. Demonstrating that sentiment, this pamphlet is written in the voice of Parisian working women from the open–air market of the place Maubert. It describes how such hardworking, salt–of–the–earth,honest, family–oriented women... Read More »

Description of the Royal Menagerie (1789)


A common theme in libels was to compare the royal family to animals. This pamphlet parodies the Queen and her entourage as animals in a zoo, emphasizing how the courtly way of life at Versailles seemed bizarre to the rest of the French people. (The references to "royal veto" refer to the debate that took place over the power that the King should have under the new constitution to veto laws... Read More »