Women’s Reflections on Marital Relations under Socialism


In this collection of oral histories, “V” and “L” reflect on marital relations under socialism. According to “V,” men’s upbringing in the family played a fundamental role in shaping their attitudes toward wives. Thus it would seem that socialist policy and propaganda that promoted equality between women and men had little effect on men’s attitudes toward women—though they clearly had an effect... Read More »

Women’s Reflections on Motherhood and Reproduction under Socialism


During a set of oral history interviews conducted in Braşov, Romania, during the summer of 2003, “F” and “R” talk about rearing children under Socialism. For “F” it was a mixed-blessing, since she adored her infant son, yet had to do so under less than optimal conditions. While for “F,” caring for her son was a chore as a result of the manifold shortages in the 1980s, for “R” it was not so bad... Read More »

Women’s Reflections on Work and Gender Relations under Socialism


In this collection of oral histories from Romania, subjects “R,” “I,” “M,” “E,” and “N” talk about their experiences of work during the socialist period. Although “R” and “M” worked in male-dominated fields and faced harassment by their male colleagues, “M” was able to overcome these difficulties by playing the role of the oddball woman. Meanwhile, “I” reflects on how ordered her life was... Read More »

A line of women and children wait by a train

Yad Vashem - The World Holocaust Remembrance Center

The museum Yad Vashem is one of the foremost research centers for holocaust studies in the world.