Cahiers—A Parish Cahier


The cahiers de doléances ["lists of grievances"] drawn up by each assembly in choosing deputies to the Estates–General are the best available source of the thoughts of the French population on the eve of the Revolution. This excerpt from a parish cahier in the sénéchaussée of Aix–en–Provence demonstrates that popular unrest stemmed in large part from the privileges enjoyed by nobles... Read More »

Image of text from the website reading The Cambodian Genocide Program

Cambodian Genocide Program

These materials are more appropriate for teaching older students because they provide a grim and poignant reminder of the individual tragedies that underlie the staggering statistics associated with these crimes.
Thumbnail of a photo of women working in a factoryThere is also a great deal of material on the foundation of female education and on the women’s suffrage movement.

Canadian Women's History

There is also a great deal of material on the foundation of female education and on the women’s suffrage movement.


With a catalogue containing sixty million pages of material spanning the seventeenth to twentieth centuries, scholars and educators will have no shortage of material to consult on every aspect of Canada’s past.
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Caribbean Views

The online collection is of extraordinary quality, both in terms of the scanned images and the contextual detail provided.
Table of information in German

Census of 1910 tuberculosis data


Census data is one way for historians to better understand the lives of average people who otherwise might be largely invisible to scholars. This excerpt from the 1910 census conducted by the Hapsburg Monarchy. The census data was collected for most towns and cities throughout the Monarchy every few years from between 1880 and 1910. It covers occupation, disease, language, and literacy for men... Read More »

Champ de Mars: Petitions of the Cordelier and Jacobin Clubs


In the aftermath of the King’s failed flight in June 1791, the more radical clubs circulated petitions calling on the National Assembly to depose the King rather than grant him executive power as a constitutional monarch, under the new constitution. Below are excerpts from two such petitions, from the Cordeliers and Jacobin clubs, respectively; note that these efforts technically violated a... Read More »

Changes in Eastern Europe and Their Impact on the USSR


This February 1989 report by the Bogomolov Commission analyzes the current situation in Eastern Europe for Alexander Yakovlev, key foreign policy advisor to Mikhail Gorbachev. The Bogomolov Commission was the largest Soviet think tank conducting research on the East European countries. This document can be compared with the memorandum by the International Department of the CC CPSU (document... Read More »

thumbnail of the map on child obesity

Childhood Obesity in the United States


The map, issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), shows the percentages of substantially overweight, or obese, low-income children by county and in territories and tribal organizations where Native Americans live. The problem extends to both urban and rural populations.

Overall, 1 in 7 low-income, preschool-aged children is obese. Experts have been alarmed by the rapid rise in... Read More »

Detail from the poster "Our Brigade Leader" created in 1976.  The detail shows a family excitedly watching tv.  In the complete poster, they are watching a politician on tv.

Chinese Posters: Propaganda, Politics, History, Art

Chinese Posters offers a rich collection of over 1,600 Chinese propaganda posters, representing a time period from 1841 to the present day, and a rich range of political, social, cultural, and visual themes.