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Christmas Poem, Pima Indian School


The poem and photographic collage is the work of students at the Pima Indian School boarding school near Phoenix, Arizona, and is part of an album probably owned by the school matron. The school was one of some 150 institutions for Indian wards of the U.S. Government. The boys' poem was dedicated to their Matron, a female official who was responsible for supervision and discipline of the... Read More »

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Cinderella (1914)


Slotted to premier on Christmas week, Famous Players’s Cinderella (1914) was marketed as a child-friendly fantasy for the whole family whose cutting-edge cinematography would bring to life the popular fairytale of rags-to-riches girlhood. However, Cinderella was foremost conceived as a vehicle for rising star Mary Pickford. Pickford had built a reputation playing ingénues... Read More »

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The material culture of early childhood in the 21st century is characterized by an emphasis on biological age and related levels of cognitive and motor skill development. All types of objects, including diapers, toys, food products, and clothing, are divided into categories based on the age-appropriateness of a particular object. Descriptions of these categories commonly explain how each... Read More »

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Codex Mendoza


This is a map from the Codex Mendoza (circa 1543) that represents the founding of Tenochtitlan, the large imperial capital of the Aztecs. It offers an important window into visual culture and social, religious, and political life in the early era of Spanish colonization.

This source is a part of the Analyzing Images... Read More »

Building Cortes's  fleet of brigantines by Duran Codex, 1521 image showing Indigenous people building boats for Hernan Cortes

Colonial Latin America

This site provides a number of opportunities for students to analyze visual and written texts, and to think about the way historians interpret documents to write history.
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Colonial North America at Harvard Library

Colonial North America at Harvard Library is an ambitious project that seeks to digitise Harvard’s vast collection of materials related to the North American colonies, circa the 17th and 18th centuries.
Eusebio Planas's comic strip "La Historía de una Mujer"

Competitive Journalism


The modern world of journalism and news is a competitive one. To attract readers, newspapers publishing in the same places try to appear unique. Some, like this edition of the New York Post rely on sensationalized headlines and lurid stories to try to catch the reader's eye. Others increasingly utilized a good funny page in the form of a comic strip which gave newspapers great appeal... Read More »

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Confessions of Dorothy and Abigail Faulkner, Jr.


Dorothy and Abigail Faulkner: aged 10 and 8

Dorothy Faulkner and Abigail Faulkner, Jr. also lived in Andover, Massachusetts, and their mother was accused of witchcraft as well. While short testimonies, these two children’s stories include the same elements noted in the other children’s trials. Their case is similarly based on the direct implication of mothers in children's confessions.... Read More »

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Convention on the Rights of the Child


Official interest in the rights of children has grown over the course of the 20th century. Urbanization and industrialization led reformers at the turn of the century to focus on child welfare and on children's rights as separate from those of adults. The American Congress responded by creating the U.S. Children's Bureau, the first federal agency in the world mandated to focus solely on the... Read More »

Cortés Greets Xicotencatl in Mexican Manuscript


A detail from a larger manuscript page in the Lienzo de Tlaxcala, this scene was created by an indigenous painter in central Mexico. Scenes from the Lienzo de Tlaxcala, now just fragments from a larger set of images, draw upon preconquest painting techniques and conventions. Like Malintzin herself, the Lienzo straddles a world of indigenous, preconquest practice and... Read More »