Detail: A painting titled "Moment of Tearing" by Ryuji Ishitani showing a person ducking in cover in a flash of light

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

The historical material that is presented from multiple angles carefully allows the material to speak for the catastrophe and reconstruction.
World War I era map of Europe


In the current age of more and more digital learning, the e-learning activities are undoubtedly a brilliant way to achieve higher level thinking in the classroom.

Historical, Political, and Moral Essay on Revolutions, Ancient and Modern


The French novelist and essayist François–René Chateaubriand (1768–1848) was a royalist who for a time admired Napoleon. Like Burke, he denounced the revolutionary reliance on reason and advocated a return to Christian principles. Although Chateaubriand detested the revolutionaries and their principles, he recognized that the French Revolution required extended commentary. Here he analyzes the... Read More »

Page from The Badianus Codex, an Aztec book of herbal medicine showing several plants.

History of Science in Latin America and the Caribbean

The fields of science and Latin America have considerably grown in recent decades, and HOSLAC addresses these disciplines by seamlessly merging both fields in a manner that seems natural and relevant to a wide range of users.

Ho Chi Minh, Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Viet–Nam


Ho Chi Minh, the revolutionary name of Nguyen That Thanh (1890–1969), was the leader of the Vietnamese revolution for independence from the French. He was educated in France, where he became a communist. He returned home to fight Japanese occupation during World War II and to lead resistance to the French afterward. He denounced the imperialist deformation of revolutionary principles and... Read More »

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Holocaust Girls/Closet


This short story by fiction writer, S.L. Wisenberg, sheds light on the influence of Anne Frank on the imagination and identity of Jewish girls growing up in postwar America. Written from a child's point of view and in the language of children, Wisenberg describes a fantasy game she played with her sister after reading the diary, seeing the popular movie on television, and viewing documentary... Read More »

Image of two women making a dress on a dummy

Home Economics Archive: Research, Tradition and History (HEARTH)

Materials are arranged into 11 broadly-defined topics; each is introduced with a short essay, an image, and a substantial bibliography of influential texts on that topic, in PDF format. The history of home economics is a relatively young discipline, so these bibliographies provide an especially valuable service.

Iceland Saga Map

Ultimately, the purpose of this map is to encourage and aid new readings of the sagas.
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Imágenes y relatos de un viaje por Colombia

The experience of exploring the manuscript is enriched by an impressive array of visual accompaniments and multimedia resources such as maps, image galleries, infographics, animations, and audios.

Imperialism in North Africa: Personal Account, A Visit to Tunisian Harem


The harem (or harim) has exercised a powerful fascination over the Western imagination for centuries. Rarely (if ever) visited by European men, the secluded female quarters in urban elite households were, however, imagined and depicted by Western male writers and painters as places of deviance and oppression in terms of male-female relations, sexualities, and even governmental institutions.... Read More »