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People with a History: An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans* History

In essence then this is an excellent site to find additional materials with some caveats: some links are now dead, in other ways this site is dated, and other parts – such as the section on images – are still empty. Still the materials that this site provides educators with great resources and thought-provoking articles.

Persian Language Rare Materials

The Persian Language Rare Materials Collection is an online repository of manuscripts, printed books, lithographs, and imprints which have a variety of purposes, including discussing scientific, religious, philosophical and literary topics.

Piracy Trials

As the title suggests, the collection deals with piracy prior to 1923, in this context referring to robbery or violence committed on the high seas.

Police Report on a Session of the Cordeliers


In the passage below, a police observer of a Cordelier Club meeting notes the ongoing concern of the participants to identify and then to denounce "conspiracies" against the republic, even when the conspitators had been very recently integral to the club. In this case, the focus is on Hébert, editor of the Père Duchesne.

Poverty in Auvergne


The difficulty of life in rural regions led some to leave home and seek a better life elsewhere, particularly in the growing cities. Such migration worried some observers, who feared villages would be emptied and no one would be left to work the land. In the excerpt below, a local government official in the Auvergne region comments on the causes and effects of emigration.

Poverty Observed!: Journal of a Country Priest


Village priests served as community leaders in a variety of respects, including keeping a register of births, marriages, and deaths. One such curate, the abbé Lefeuvre, also included in his register impressions of life during the severe winter of 1709, which give a sense of the difficult and fragile lives of the poor in rural towns in the eighteenth century.

Prayer for the Fatherland


This prayer was composed by the Polish Episcopate shortly after Solidarity was legalized for the first time, in 1980. The bishops instructed that henceforth it be recited during every mass. In just one paragraph this text captures several important themes: the link between nationalism and Catholicism; the Church's desire to avoid confrontation and conflict; and the Church's support for basic... Read More »

Price Increases in Eastern Europe with Special Regard to Hungary


One of the most significant differences between the functioning of the East European Communist economies and the mixed-market economies of the West was the way in which prices for goods and services were determined. In a mixed-market economy, prices are determined by a combination of government regulation (especially taxes) and consumer demand. In the Communist states, central government... Read More »

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Primary Source: Educating Global Citizens

Such sources are indeed a superb addition to one’s class; unquestionably the materials on the Primary Source site can help enhance any class.
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Primer: Transcultural History


Broadly, transcultural histories include those historical contexts and processes brought about by circulation of people, objects, and knowledge through travel, trade, migration, or globalization. The transcultural approach belongs to a set of methods developed to study world history as processes and encounters that come in the wake of the “global turn” in humanistic disciplines over the course... Read More »