Map of North America showing areas of indigenous land by group

Native Land

It is a good place to start learning about knowledge generation and how indigenous groups and settlers can come together to document their histories.
Stellar diagram features a drawing of a ship surrounded by Chinese characters

Navigational Charts Based on Those Used by Zheng He


These two woodblock prints are part of a map printed in a seventeenth-century military treatise, and thought to be based on the maps used by Zheng He in his voyages. The map is therefore usually known as “Zheng He Map.” It depicts the coastline from China to the central eastern coast of Africa arranged as a long strip. The first of these prints shows Africa at the bottom and Ceylon at the... Read More »

Thumbnail of boy posing with bicycle on a city street

New York Public Library Digital Collections

The NYPL Digital Collection provides access to over 755,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities, including illuminated manuscripts, vintage posters, illustrated books, and printed ephemera.

Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica Ac Hydrographica Tabula


First issued by Jodocus Hondius in about 1625, this rare map of the world is the first printed map that depicts the Australian continent. The map shows the rough outline of the western coast of Australia in the bottom righthand corner. Dutch East India Company (VOC) captain Dirk Hartog encountered the west coast of Australia after his ship Eendracht was blown off course during its journey from... Read More »

Scroll frontispiece

Online Museum Educational Resources in Asian Art

The OMuERAA connects with more than one hundred museums, making a rich array of educational materials available to students and instructors 
Portion of map showing locations of oral histories

Palestinian Oral History Map

Drawing from thousands of hours of interviews from the Palestinian Oral History Archive (POHA), the map provides a stunning visual representation of Palestine in the 1940s, bringing interviewees’ memories of their lost homeland to life.
Image from a Spanish record of testimony

Parallel Histories: Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier

A bilingual, English-Spanish website, Parallel Histories assembles approximately 250 documents relating to the history of Spanish presence in the Americas since the 15th century.
Image of a trefoil tracery in the cathedral ceiling at Sainte-Chapelle

Paris Past and Present

This site works as a supplement to classroom discussions about urban architecture in medieval France, or even for [those] who want to see visual reconstructions of the historical buildings.

Photo Library of the French School of Asian Studies

The EFEO has long been one of the leading centres of architectural, archaeological, epigraphic, ethnographic, and art historical research on Asia and this effort to digitise their extensive collection of photographs offers scholars and the public a new lens with which they can view a visually striking and rich region.
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Primary Source: Educating Global Citizens

Such sources are indeed a superb addition to one’s class; unquestionably the materials on the Primary Source site can help enhance any class.