Phelps mourning embroidery from American Centuries' collections.  It shows two people visiting a grave flanked by weeping willows.

American Centuries

A section of the site called "In the Classroom" offers numerous lesson plans for elementary and middle-school teachers, some written by museum employees and some by schoolteachers themselves, using materials in the online exhibits.
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Analyzing Inquisition Documents


The modules in Methods present case studies that demonstrate how scholars interpret different kinds of historical evidence in world history.. In the video, historian Joan Bristol analyzes records from the Mexican Inquisition, a tribunal created in Spain in the late 15th century to prosecute people who committed crimes against Christianity. These records is a summary of a case in which a nun,... Read More »

1897 watercolor of Sydney's port looking across the roofs of several buildings towards the harbor and ships

Australian Studies Resources

The wide assortment of material makes it useful for teaching many distinct themes relevant to world history.
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Benjamín Montes with Bourgan, Funge, and Company


Since 1810, social critics in Buenos Aires had long been concerned about young people from the lower classes—especially young men—exercising greater independence within the home. With the decline of parental authority, they were alarmed at the sight of growing numbers of young people as a potential source of disorder, and they looked to the state for solutions. As a result, the police were... Read More »

Historical map of the British Isles from British History Online

British History Online

This site is a digital library containing more than 800 printed primary and secondary sources—including maps, personal journals and diaries, official and political documents, and quantitative evidence—for the history of The British Isles from the 16th to the early 19th Century.
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Caribbean Views

The online collection is of extraordinary quality, both in terms of the scanned images and the contextual detail provided.

Champ de Mars: Petitions of the Cordelier and Jacobin Clubs


In the aftermath of the King’s failed flight in June 1791, the more radical clubs circulated petitions calling on the National Assembly to depose the King rather than grant him executive power as a constitutional monarch, under the new constitution. Below are excerpts from two such petitions, from the Cordeliers and Jacobin clubs, respectively; note that these efforts technically violated a... Read More »

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Confessions of Dorothy and Abigail Faulkner, Jr.


Dorothy and Abigail Faulkner: aged 10 and 8
Dorothy Faulkner and Abigail Faulkner, Jr. also lived in Andover, Massachusetts, and their mother was accused of witchcraft as well. While short testimonies, these two children’s stories include the same elements noted in the other children’s trials. Their case is similarly based on the direct implication of mothers in children's confessions.... Read More »

Damiens’s Testimony to Parlement


During the course of his trial Damiens was interrogated over fifty times by the magistrates of the Parlement of Paris and by the King’s prosecutors. The interrogators were concerned above all to determine if Damiens had accomplices and if so, what group was behind the attack. In this passage, Damiens testifies that his action had been prompted by "preachers of the Parlementary party," meaning... Read More »

Image of Robertsons Statement re Aboirigines to Alfred Stephen, 1833.  It is Document 32A under Original Documents on Aborigines and Law, 1797-1840

Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899

Legal records are a key resource in gaining access to the voices of the non-elite, providing a rich repository of the details of life in the period. The subject index is particularly useful in drawing themes together for teaching.