1914 cartoon reading "Bound for Berlin: The Great War Game" encircling a German soldier with a frightened look


This site provides students and teachers alike with a way of enlivening their approach to British political and social history. The website has a huge amount of material available, and it is well organized to help the researcher find cartoons from a particular cartoonist, or on a particular theme.

Cast of the Hand of Brazilian Emperor Pedro II


Brazilian Emperor Pedro II ruled from 1831 – 1889. He was the last emperor in power before Brazil became a republic. This image captures two bronze hand molds taken of Pedro II’s right hand in the early nineteenth century. The one on the left was taken by Marc Ferrez, and the one on the right was created by Antonio Joaquim de Azevedo. Both feature a ring that Pedro II wore on his index finger... Read More »

Cecil Rhodes statue removal, Cape Town University, South Africa

Cecil Rhodes monument removal, Cape Town, South Africa


The bronze statue of a seated Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902), on the campus of the University of Cape Town (UCT), was sculpted by Marion Walgate, one of the first white female sculptors in South Africa. Except for defacement by protestors of the university’s commemoration of its 150th anniversary in 1979, the... Read More »

Cecil Rhodes monument, Cape Town University, South Africa

Cecil Rhodes monument, Cape Town, South Africa


The bronze statue of a seated Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902), on the campus of the University of Cape Town (UCT), was sculpted by Marion Walgate, one of the first white female sculptors in South Africa. Walgate had earlier made a bust of Rhodes, a mining magnate and arch advocate of British imperialism, for the colonial government of Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Walgate was the wife of an... Read More »

Front page of a newspaper in Chinese

Chamber of Commerce Newspaper from Guangzhouwan, China


The image is of the front page of a newspaper (商業旬報 Shangye xunbao) published in 1934 by the Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhouwan (廣州灣商會 Guangzhouwan shanghui). Guangzhouwan was a territory on the Leizhou Peninsula in southern China that the French Republic leased from the Qing Dynasty at the end of the nineteenth century. Guangzhouwan fit into a broader scheme to expand French influence in... Read More »

Detail from the poster "Our Brigade Leader" created in 1976.  The detail shows a family excitedly watching tv.  In the complete poster, they are watching a politician on tv.

Chinese Posters: Propaganda, Politics, History, Art

Chinese Posters offers a rich collection of over 1,600 Chinese propaganda posters, representing a time period from 1841 to the present day, and a rich range of political, social, cultural, and visual themes.
Photograph of about 20 soldiers posing in front of a building

Chinese Troops during the Xinhai Revolution


Image of Chinese troops dispatched by the Shanghai daotai of the collapsing Qing Dynasty to protect Xujiahui during the Xinhai Revolution. In contrast to earlier political crises during the treaty port era, French police or troops were not sent in to Chinese territory in November 1911, in part because the change of regime had been so rapid, but also because the French did not want to alienate... Read More »

Chive Pocket Watch (Reloj de bolsillo tipo cebollón)


This object dates from the seventeenth century. It features a glass front and silver casing. The inscription reads "Tompion London," meaning that it was manufactured in England’s capital city. Tompion began producing this kind of pocket watch around 1658 with inventor Robert Hooke. Today, the piece belongs to the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia de México. This location could mean... Read More »

Christmas Poem, Pima Indian School image thumbnail

Christmas Poem, Pima Indian School


The poem and photographic collage is the work of students at the Pima Indian School boarding school near Phoenix, Arizona, and is part of an album probably owned by the school matron. The school was one of some 150 institutions for Indian wards of the U.S. Government. The boys' poem was dedicated to their Matron, a female official who was responsible for supervision and discipline of the... Read More »

Christopher Columbus statue near the Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Christopher Columbus monument, Buenos Aires, Argentina


The Monument to Christopher Columbus (1451?-1506), located in a plaza in front of the Casa Rosada government palace, was inaugurated in 1921. It was a gift from the Italian-Argentinian community in response to a solicitation for proposals by a government commission in 1910 to commemorate independence from Spain, although the centennial emphasized Argentina’s European heritage. A noted Italian... Read More »