Map showing railways across Eastern China, Korea, and Japan

Southern Manchuria Railway (1906-1945)


The world’s earliest locomotive-operated railroads, short stretches transporting coal and ore locally from mines to factories and furnaces, were developed in Britain between 1800 and 1825. Soon the potential for transporting all kinds of goods as well as passengers became apparent, and by the 1830s railways were also being built in France, Prussia and the United States. Shareholder companies... Read More »

Image from the collection titled "Lady in Waiting" from the 1930s-1940s.  Its shows two children and their nanny walking.  The youngest child is walking in front with a cloth on her head and the nanny carrying the end like a wedding veil.

Swaziland Digital Archives

Featuring approximately 600 photographs chronicling daily life and politics in Swaziland, the Swaziland Digital Archives provides visual insights into the experiences of childhood and adolescence in southern Africa over the past century.
Thumbnail image of Glikl

Syllabus: Women and Gender in World History, 600-2000


The syllabus below lays out a 15-week course, beginning in the 6th century and continuing through the 20th century. It provides suggestions for how to use units and their various parts with your students, as some of the materials are student-facing, and others are instructor-facing.

Units in the Teaching section of World History Commons tend to be multi-source and multi-part. In... Read More »

Detail: Map of Taiwan

Taiwan Documents Project

This site seems most valuable not as an unbiased repository of information, but rather as part of the movement for Taiwanese independence and more generally as a historical case study in the politics of national identity.
Close up image of an Indian girl in traditional northern Indian hill attire holding a cup of tea that says Lipton's tea

Tasveer Ghar (A House of Pictures)

This database would be most useful for instructors teaching modern South Asia and for students in college-level seminars.

Teaching East Asia Online Curriculum Projects

The lessons provided are insightful explorations of Japanese history that strike a balance between academic rigour, accessibility, and being able to draw student attention, making them a valuable addition to any world history teacher’s toolkit.

That Seductive Mulatto Woman


Moreau de Saint–Méry painted a particularly negative portrait of mulatto women in Haiti. He paints Creole women as unduly promiscuous and a threat to morals and decency.

The 33 Orientales


In 1825, Uruguayan troops won their independence from Brazil. The military contingent became known as the “33 Orientales,” reflecting the number of participants and referencing the name of the region (Oriente). Between 1875 and 1878, Juan Manuel Blanes captured a version of these events on oil and canvas. The moment depicted here took place as the “33 Orientales” planted their flag, which read... Read More »

The Abolition of Negro Slavery or Means for Ameliorating Their Lot, 1789


The passage of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, explicitly cited in this pamphlet, did not go unnoticed by those who favored abolition of the slave trade and eventual emancipation of the slaves. Yet even the most determined adversaries of slavery worried about the consequences of immediate abolition, especially for the French economy. As a result, advocates of abolition put... Read More »

Drawing of two men, with a white man that is presumably Thomas Clarkson in the foreground, and a black man in the background. They are both dressed in colonial-era clothing.

The Abolition of Slavery Project

By breaking up the site into different areas of focus, such as enslavement itself and abolition, it allows itself to be easily navigable by students and scholars alike.