Ogé’s Rebellion in An Historical Account of the Black Empire of Hayti


Rainsford’s sympathy for the revolt in Haiti did not seem to extend to the influence of ideas imported from revolutionary France, which appear to have been at the heart of Ogé’s rebellion.

Old Mission San Buenaventura


Known as the ‘Mission by the Sea,’ this church once belonged to Spain’s extensive network of missions throughout the modern-day US Southwest. It was founded in 1782 by Francsican friars whose objective was the evangelization of the native peoples in the region, who were the Chumash. The church complex, which included aqueducts, was built with their labor. Under the church’s supervision,... Read More »

Old Mission San Juan Bautista


This historic church once belonged to Spain’s extensive network of religious institutions along the US-Mexico border. The Mission San Juan Bautista was founded in 1797, making it the fifteenth church established in modern-day California. The name of the church originates in its founding day, which was dedicated to the feast day for Saint John the Baptist. The complex aimed to evangelize the... Read More »

Old Mission San Luis Rey de Francia


Founded in 1798, this church belonged to the extensive network of Spanish colonial missions not only in California, but along much of the US-Mexico border. Through the eighteenth century, this region operated as the frontier zone between territories claimed by Spain, France, Britain, and indigneous groups. The objective of the churches established in this region was the evnaglization of the... Read More »

Old Mission Santa Barbara


This historic church complex belonged to Spain’s network of missions throughout not only California, but also across the region that today makes up the US-Mexico border. It was established in 1786 and named to honor the specific day of its founding (December 4th), which is dedicated to the Feast of Santa Barbara. By this time, California already had nine other missions in operation. Each of... Read More »

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Online Museum Educational Resources in Asian Art

The OMuERAA connects with more than one hundred museums, making a rich array of educational materials available to students and instructors 

Organization of British Imperial Scouting


This chart shows the official lines of authority in the imperial Boy Scout movement. In theory, the Imperial Scout Headquarters had direct control over local versions of scouting through its territorial associations. Scouting was like a secular religion, with Baden Powell as its prophet-like founder whose writings were the core of the scout canon and whose personal example was the guide for... Read More »

Persepolis - Apadana of Darius (ca. 520 B.C.) - Detail of the middle register of the left side of the eastern stairway, showing foreigners bringing tribute.

Oriental Institute Museum Photographic Archives

These photographs are invaluable sources for teachers who wish to illustrate lessons about the ancient civilizations of the Middle East or discussions about archeological research.

Ottoman Decree Regarding Protestants, 1850


This imperial decree, or firman, was translated from Ottoman Turkish to English by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Ottoman Sultan Abulmecid I emphasized his compassion for all classes of his subjects, but here specifically prescribed that Protestant subjects in the Ottoman Empire should be recognized as a religious community, or millet, separate from the... Read More »

Painting of a ship with a mosque in the background

Ottoman History Podcast

The podcast could serve as a useful tool for scholars of the Ottoman Empire to stay up-to-date on scholarship, for professors in other areas to broaden their knowledge of the Ottoman Empire and establish relevant connections, and for students to engage in analysis of “texts” beyond the written word.