Map of Malacca, Châtelain


This is a detail of a map depicting the port of Malacca and the surrounding territories from the Atlas Historique, an expansive Dutch encyclopedia compiled by Henri Abraham Châtelain and first published between 1705 to 1720. The port sits on the northern side of the Malacca Straits, a narrow stretch of water between present-day Malaysia and the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The... Read More »

Map of Poverty in Mexico


Maps are often designed to visualize more than just space and distance. This map, for instance, visualizes how poverty is distributed throughout the various Mexican states in hopes of identifying those areas most in need. The form of this map, or the artistic way in which the map is drawn, is meant to tell the story of how deeply the issue of poverty affects the people in each region. With the... Read More »

Map of the Outskirts of Mexico City


This oil-on-canvas painting depicts part of Mexico City from above. Specific author or date information does not appear on the work, but it originates sometime in the seventeenth century. It is 119 centimeters wide. Analyzing its contents reveals some aspects of daily life during this period. It depicts an aqueduct on the right side of the piece. Multiple churches are visible by their tall... Read More »

Map of the Partition of Israel and Palestine


In 1947, Britain announced that it would terminate its mandate government in Palestine. As a result, a special committee formed by the United Nations was charged with partitioning the territory into separate, sovereign states. Although the plan called for Jewish and Arab states neatly divided by plotted lines, the reality, as these maps show, was much more contested. Movement, war, and... Read More »

Detail: 1500s map of Asia Minor

Map Section Image Database

The Walker Collection comprises 135 maps, printed between 1511 and 1774, that cover Asia Minor and surrounding areas including the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and the Balkans.
People standing in a semi circle looking at the name of the website, Mapping the Republic of Letters in bold and cursive font

Mapping the Republic of Letters

Browsing the site, users are able to gain a deeper appreciation for how data visualisation can help academics examine previously well-known and well-utilised primary sources in new, innovative ways.
Map of the coast of Liberia, with a relief shown by hachures. It shows boundary of tribes, mission stations, colonist towns, and native towns.

Maps of Liberia, 1830 to 1870

This collection offers a unique opportunity to study black history and culture, both in the diaspora as well as in Africa itself.
Example from MapWarper showing a New York map overlaid on a GoogleMap of Manhattan


This can be a powerful tool to understand the spatial orientation of past places or events and to present spatial history projects directly onto contemporary maps.
Mercator projection

Mercator Projection


The map is a Mercator projection and is among the most common in use today. It places North America at the center.

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Mercator Projection with Eurasia Centered

Mercator Projection, Eurasia Centered


The map is a Mercator projection that has been altered. Instead of placing North America in the center, the Eurasian land mass is in the middle. This map of the world suggests some of the ways the choices made by mapmakers have a significant impact on our understanding of the world.

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