The Digitally Encoded Census Information and Mapping Archive

[DECIMA] highlights the power and knowledge inherent in census-taking and points the way to new understandings and methods of extracting and using information from one of the longest-lasting and most prolific tools of statecraft ever developed.

The Gall-Peters Projection


Unsatisfied by the distorted view of the world that dominated the Western mind in the form of the Mercator Projection, James Gall and, later, Arno Peters engineered a new map in the 19th and 20th centuries. Based on a mathematical formula that Gall first proposed in the 19th century, Peters projected an image of the world that attempted to capture the size of objects relative to each other.... Read More »

Logo of the International Children's Digital Library abstractly showing an open book with a children running across the cover

The International Children's Digital Library

The International Children's Digital Library is a feast for children who are bookworms. It is also a treasure trove for teachers of reading, literature, science, social studies, and world cultures or geography. Scholarly researchers will find in its global collection a wealth of material for comparison, thematic exploration, historical studies of childhood and reading, and interdisciplinary studies of all kinds.

The Mercator Projection


Although the Flemish geographer and cartographer Gerardus Mercator's rendering of the earth has been criticized for the way it distorts reality, it was revolutionary in the way it organized space and distance. By imposing a sense of order on the illustrated world by plotting it on an east-west and north-south grid, and having that grid apply everywhere, Mercator made it possible to chart more... Read More »

The Obelisk of Buenos Aires


Built 1936 to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the city, the Obelisk stands in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina. It stands 67.5 meters tall, made of concrete and stone. The nation of Argentina celebrates its independence day on July 9th. This monument is located in the historic heart of town, at the intersection of July 9th Avenue and Corrientes Avenue. It stands only six blocks... Read More »

Map showing Europe, Asia, and Africa with pins in various locations.

The People’s Map of Global China

This website maps the international activities of Chinese businesses or government affairs, to create an idea of “Global China.”

The Regions of Contemporary Romania within its post-World War II Borders


The Map showing the political and administrative areas of Romania. While the borders have remained stable since 1945, some of the neighboring states have changed after the fall of communism in the area.

Image of the website header reading "The Story of Africa: African History from the Dawn of Time"

The Story of Africa

Each segment provides a selection of quotes from primary sources that illuminate specific issues. There are many gems to mine. They range from original lyrical quotations that capture the arresting images of initiation rituals and political power.

The Turin Beatus Map of the World


Before the modern age, maps offered more than just an objective, geographical survey. Often, as is the case with this world map from the 12th century, they also conveyed a set of stories that shaped the worldview of its viewers. This map, for instance, sought to convey allegorical, religious, and geographic information all at once. It located Adam and Eve, the world's first humans according to... Read More »

The Village of Jeewah Moocuddum near Rania


This painting, entitled The village of Jeewah Moocuddum near Rania: William Fraser’s circle of village folk, his white stallion, and progeny, is one of many paintings comprising the Fraser Album. The Fraser Album, named after its commissioner William Fraser (1784-1835), is a collection of paintings depicting various elements of life in Mughal India in the early nineteenth century.... Read More »