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Excerpt from Memoirs by Glikl


The is a diary written by a Jewish merchant, Glikl of Hameln, a woman living in northern Germany in the 17th century.

This source is a part of the Women and Gender in World History, 600-2000 teaching module and the... Read More »

A three masted ship

Excerpts from Slave Narratives

This website is unique in the growing number of Internet sources that explore African experiences and slavery. Teachers will find Mintz’s documents invaluable in promoting classroom discussion.
Title page from The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano

Excerpts from The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano


One of the very first slave narratives, The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano (1745-1797), served as a prototype for the well-known slave autobiographies of the 19th century written by such fugitive slaves as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs. First published in 1772, the volume recounts Equiano's kidnapping in Africa at the age of 10 or 11, and how he was subsequently shipped to... Read More »

Painting of a slave sale

Execrable Human Traffick, or The Affectionate Slaves


This reproduction of a painting by George Morland (1789) has lurid colors and shows the sale of an enslaved person. The artist suggests that friends or relatives are being separated, as one of the slaves is being physically restrained as the other enslaved individual is being forced into a boat.

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Ferreyra Sons v. Pedro Sueldo


After the Rosas regime ended in 1852, hundreds of families throughout Argentina hoped to make claims on property and wealth that had been taken away from them during the Rosas years. However, many heads of these families were elderly or deceased. This left the younger generation to continue their family's efforts. This restitution suit, first filed in Córdoba province in 1852, pitted the young... Read More »

Fire Hair Shaving and Khwan Ceremony, Thailand


The text and photographs above describe a traditional Thai birth ritual that celebrates the child's reaching the milestone of one month old, at which time its survival seems more assured than at birth, and it becomes a full-fledged member of the family. Before the infant is one month old, according to tradition, it may have belonged merely to spirits. At this time, a Buddhist monk cuts the... Read More »

First Sounds of the Hymn of Independence


The nation of Brazil declared its independence from Portugal on September 7, 1822 after three centuries of colonial rule. At this time, Brazil was ruled by Emperor Pedro I (1822-1831). It joined the many other nations that declared their independence during this period across the former Portuguese and Spanish empires. Together with journalist and poet Evaristo da Veiga, he composed the... Read More »

Map of Florence detail showing the river passing through the city

Florence Catasto of 1427

It provides a unique opportunity for students to explore the urban landscape and family life of Renaissance Florence in incredible detail, rare for a city in this period.
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Florilegium Urbanum

Inspired by the medieval concept of a textual anthology illuminating specific topics, Florilegium Urbanum allows the user to explore more than 200 short sources and excerpts from longer texts dealing with medieval English towns.

Forty Years of Making Vehicles


This plate is typical of the sort of commemorative object given to workers in factories all across Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union prior to 1989. In this particular case, the plate commemorates forty years of making motor vehicles in Gotha, East Germany. Workers were often expected to display objects such as this in their homes as a sign that they were proud of their personal productivity... Read More »