A Royal History


This 1790 article from the Journal Universel, a leading radical newspaper, recounts the long desperate history of the monarchy that ironically led the revolution.

A Second Jean d'Arc


To those who considered Marat insincere and dangerous in his unrelenting populism, the true martyr was Charlotte Corday, who had come to Paris from Caen—a city then serving as a base for the federalist insurgency—apparently with the express intent of killing Marat. In this engraving by the English caricaturist Cruikshank, Corday is depicted as "A Second Joan of Arc," saving her country by... Read More »

A speech by Mr. Józef Czyrek at a founding meeting of the Polish Club of International Relations


On May 11, 1988, Józef Czyrek, a member of the Polish Politburo, inaugurated the Polish Club of International Relations, an organization unprecedented in that it included both members of the government and of opposition organizations. Meant to coincide with the announcement of dramatic economic reforms by the Sejm (historically the lower half of parliament in Poland, during the Socialist... Read More »

Pamphlet on the Amboyna case

A True Declaration


The pamphlet attempts to systematically demolish the major objections to the Amboyna case. It is written as a personal investigation by an impartial observer determined only to get to the bottom of the matter. The pamphlet emphasizes the “full uniform examination and confession” of all the accused.

A True Relation of the Unjust Proceedings Against the English Excerpt

A True Relation of the Unjust Proceedings Against the English Excerpt 1


This is an excerpt from a pamphlet produced on the English side in 1624. The purpose of this pamphlet was to damn the Dutch as brutal murders who had deliberately fabricated a conspiracy as a pretext to eject the English from the spice islands. Its author, John Skinner, collected the most explosive testimony presented by the Amboyna survivors and then proceeded to exaggerate it for effect.