The School Journal, 1907 - [Magazine]


Although early issues of the School Journal drew extensively on a British literary heritage and reinforced imperial values, even in its first year of publication by the New Zealand Department of Education (1907), there were stories, articles and poetry authored locally and written about the colonial heritage and environment. That early creativity was submerged during and after World... Read More »

Part of a Chinese picture scroll depicting a boat on a river and a bridge

The Song Dynasty in China

What makes this module particularly interesting is its usage of a 12th century picture scroll as a means to explore various facets of Chinese life during this period.
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The Story of the Stone


Many adult voices advocated the need for a good moral upbringing as part of a rigorous education for children during the later Ming and Qing dynasties, an aspect seen in the primers that were repeatedly published during this period. Yet other realms of popular literature caught the attention of a broad class of educated elites. Here we also find rich descriptions of childhood that complicate a... Read More »

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The Student Stage of Life: Brahmacharya


According to Vedic philosophy, the life span of each person is divided into four stages, or ashrams. The word ashram means "shelter," referring to the protective nature of these phases against the turmoil of life. These stages are Brahmacharya, Grahasta, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa, each of which has a specific purpose and guidelines defined in the Vedas, and are intended to order the lives of... Read More »

Page from Three-Character Classic

Three-Character Classic


The famous Three-Character Classic, a children's primer attributed to Wang Yin-lin (1223-1296) whose text consists of rhymed verse developed to help children increase their vocabulary in Chinese characters, provides a valuable introduction to the social values that children were encouraged to embrace as well as a detailed look at the language – rhetorical, idiomatic, and visual – that conveyed... Read More »

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Traditional and Modern Primary Education in Thailand


The image shows the reverse of a Thai 100-baht banknote, with engravings of of King Chulalongkorn and King Vajiravudha statues. The banknote's background theme is education. The detail on the right illustrates Thailand's traditional education system, showing a monk instructing boys in the courtyard of a temple. Until the 20th century, the village temple was a place where most young boys from... Read More »

The image is titled "Outer Islands High School students".  It shows a group of boys sitting on the floor in a crowd.

Trust Territory Photo Archives

The images in the collection are an extensive record of American views of Micronesian peoples, society, and culture and of the interaction between the United States and the Trust Territories.
Color image of shelving with various artifacts, most of which are clay bowls or vessels

UM Museum of Anthropological Archaeology Image Database

What makes this site useful is its open accessibility to see the results of archaeological digs and excavations.
The image shows the UNICEF logo depicting in solid blue a parent holding a child in front of a sphere marked with latitude and longitude lines representing the globe.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

Teachers of modern history and regional or world geography will find a wealth of primary sources on this site that can contribute to filling in a realistic picture of children's situations and the economic, public health, scientific, social, cultural, and political issues that affect them, as well as initiatives of remarkable creativity that are currently being employed to address them.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was passed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948 to provide an authoritative list of human rights that could serve as an international standard for all peoples and nations. An affirmation of human rights seemed especially urgent once the horrors of the German genocide against the Jews and Japanese atrocities in China became well known.... Read More »