To all Chiefs of Karlag NKVD

To all Chiefs of Karlag NKVD


The Karlag camp document indicates that due to the Great Patriotic War some cultural and educational units seriously reduced their functioning in camps, but it is recommended that they resume their activities.

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Traditional and Modern Primary Education in Thailand


The image shows the reverse of a Thai 100-baht banknote, with engravings of of King Chulalongkorn and King Vajiravudha statues. The banknote's background theme is education. The detail on the right illustrates Thailand's traditional education system, showing a monk instructing boys in the courtyard of a temple. Until the 20th century, the village temple was a place where most young boys from... Read More »

The image is titled "Outer Islands High School students".  It shows a group of boys sitting on the floor in a crowd.

Trust Territory Photo Archives

The images in the collection are an extensive record of American views of Micronesian peoples, society, and culture and of the interaction between the United States and the Trust Territories.
The image shows the UNICEF logo depicting in solid blue a parent holding a child in front of a sphere marked with latitude and longitude lines representing the globe.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

Teachers of modern history and regional or world geography will find a wealth of primary sources on this site that can contribute to filling in a realistic picture of children's situations and the economic, public health, scientific, social, cultural, and political issues that affect them, as well as initiatives of remarkable creativity that are currently being employed to address them.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was passed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948 to provide an authoritative list of human rights that could serve as an international standard for all peoples and nations. An affirmation of human rights seemed especially urgent once the horrors of the German genocide against the Jews and Japanese atrocities in China became well known.... Read More »

Detail of an engraving showing Saint Peter's cathedral ca. 1587

Vatican Library

But the best use of this site might be to accept it as an exhibit and encourage students to wander through it themselves, stopping where they choose, so that they discover the beauty and variety of the collection.
Photograph of Shanghai city street in 1920

Virtual Shanghai: Shanghai Urban Space in Time

These thousands of photographic images, maps, and texts focus on Shanghai during the pre-1949 period, bringing a wealth of visual material previously scattered among various institutions to students, teachers, and scholars.

Women’s Work for Woman


This article was published in a missionary journal printed in the cities of Fuzhou and Shanghai. The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal operated between 1868 and 1912. It was read by English-speakers living in the major cities of China as well as abroad. In this paper, Mrs. Farnham addresses her “missionary sisters” on the matter of working to convert Chinese women. Farnham points to... Read More »

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Writers of the Heian Era: Fiction, The Tale of Genji 2


The greatest work produced during the Heian era was The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu, lady-in-waiting to Empress Akiko. Considered the world’s first novel, Genji is written as an absorbing portrait of Heian court life, the splendor of its rituals, and aesthetic culture. One of the most fascinating passages in the novel is a long conversation among the hero, Genji, and his friends one... Read More »

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Young Voices on Disability, India


Yellamma Gangadhar is a young woman who relies on a wheelchair for mobility. Her film tells the story of abandonment by her parents at a bus station in Bangalore, India, subsequent help from the Leonard Cheshire home in the city, and the college education she acquired with great difficulty. The struggle featured in the film is access discrimination. She describes the necessity of climbing 25... Read More »