Map of the Outskirts of Mexico City


This oil-on-canvas painting depicts part of Mexico City from above. Specific author or date information does not appear on the work, but it originates sometime in the seventeenth century. It is 119 centimeters wide. Analyzing its contents reveals some aspects of daily life during this period. It depicts an aqueduct on the right side of the piece. Multiple churches are visible by their tall... Read More »

Margaret Thatcher discusses the fall of the Berlin Wall


Margaret Thatcher held an impromptu press conference outside of her official residence, No. 10 Downing Street, on the morning following the initial opening of the Berlin Wall. In her remarks, it is clear that she is hesitant to reply directly to the idea of a unified German state. Instead, she expressed a desire to move slowly and to facilitate the internal growth of democracy from within East... Read More »

Margaret Thatcher Toasts Vaclav Havel


On March 21, 1990 British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher hosted a delegation from Czechoslovakia, including the newly elected president Vaclav Havel. One of Prime Minister Thatcher's major initiatives following the collapse of communism was the creation of the "Know How Fund," a fund created to assist economic, political, and cultural development in Eastern Europe. Relative to what other... Read More »

Guiseppi Mazzini

Mazzini on Revolutionary Nationalism


The journalist and politician Guiseppi Mazzini (1805–72) was the apostle of nationalism during the first half of the nineteenth century. He was exiled by the Austrians from his native Italy in 1831 and spent the next two decades working unsuccessfully through Young Italy, a secret society dedicated to beginning a European–wide revolution on the Italian peninsula. In the revolutions of 1848, he... Read More »

Painting of a man weighing coins on a scale and a woman sitting next to him.

Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank

The Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank provides straightforward database access to five sets of data on European currency exchange and commodities prices from the 13th through the 18th centuries.

Moonbeam Youth Training Center, Kenya


The video shows The Moonbeam Youth Training Centre in Mavoko, Nairobi. The Centre is a project of UN-HABITAT built with support from UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and UN-HABITAT Executive Director Mrs. Anna Tibaijuk. The purpose of the center is to improve housing in urban slums by training young people in low cost, alternative construction technologies. Trainees gain employable skills,... Read More »

People of various ages standing in front of a portrait of Mao

Morning Sun

This companion site provides a wonderful introduction to 'the psycho-emotional topography of high-Maoist China.'

Museo Regional de Oriente


The Museo Regional de Oriente is a state-run history and anthropology museum in San Miguel, El Salvador. The complex that houses this institution began as a textile factory in the 1940s. In the 1980s, during the Guerra Civil (civil war), the Salvadoran military operated out of these structures, which housed the infantry battalion. The Salvadoran Department of Culture took over the space in the... Read More »

1907 photograph of Peck Piano Company workers

Museum of the City of New York: Byron Collection

The Byron photographers took as its subjects all manner of social life in and around New York; the collection includes private subjects (family portraits and home photographs), but the bulk of the collection documents public life and public institutions.
Screenshot of Smithsonian National Museum of African Art homepage

National Museum of African Art

This site showcases an incredible collection of artwork from across the African continent, including more than 1,500 ancient artifacts, pieces collected in the colonial era, photographs, textiles, and works by modern African artists.