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Woman with a Basket in Front of a Door to the Prison


Despite the demure expression created by her huge eyes, this woman also shows adherence to the Revolution through her scarf, similar in shape and color to the Phrygian cap.

Women at the Cordeliers


Popular clubs in Paris, unlike electoral assemblies, were not limited to men, at least in the early months of the Republic. One of the most active and radical clubs composed entirely of women, the Society of Revolutionary Republican Women, collaborated with the Cordeliers and Jacobins in petitioning for aggressive action by the government against what they called "enemies of the Republic,"... Read More »

Women at the Jacobins


An observer of Jacobin club meetings in 1791, in the passage below, describes somewhat disorderly debates, in which speakers are shouted down from the rostrum and women participate openly. This is indicative of what this author sees as the "ungovernable" situation in Paris.

Women Testify Concerning Their Participation in the October Days (1789)


The commission investigating the events of October 1789 also interrogated many women who had participated. Most of them denied any role in the violence, but they did explain their mixture of political and economic motives, citing the high price of bread and their desire to explain their situation to the National Assembly.

Women's Petition to the National Assembly


This petition was addressed to the National Assembly sometime after the October 1789 march of women on Versailles. The authors were clearly well acquainted with the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, as well as with the many prior publications about the historical accomplishments of celebrated women. They were also conversant with the concept of "genre" (gender), understood as... Read More »

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Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran

One of the key features of the website are the digital collections related to women’s lives during the Qajar period with sources and collections from both private family collections as well as archival holdings.

Women’s Activities during the Prairial Uprising


Popular radical activity continued throughout the period of the Terror (see Chapter 7) and did not end with 9 Thermidor. On 1–4 Prairial, Year III (20–23 May 1795), a large group composed largely of women surrounded the Convention Hall and massacred a deputy to force the legislature to satisfy its demand that the democratic constitution drafted by the Jacobins, but never put into effect, be... Read More »

Women’s Participation in Riots over the Price of Sugar, February 1792


This fragment from a memoir by Charles Alexandre shows the anger of women when confronted by a sugar shortage. They readily attributed the shortage to hoarding by greedy merchants. This document also shows the new importance of colonial products such as sugar and coffee.

Wooden Triptych


This small wooden piece was constructed as a triptych, with two side panels that can fold over the main panel. It displays religious imagery, with the Virgin Mary at the center. The time period is unclear. The other figures remain unidentified, but are likely religious figures or images of the individuals who commissioned the piece. This item was intended for personal devotion in the home.... Read More »

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World Digital Library

The World Digital Library is a free online archive of over 19,000 culturally significant primary source materials from around the world.