"...Climb Down and Get to Work!"


In Spring 1990, Czechoslovak artist and cartoonist Vladimir Rencin sends this message that is was time to stop the flag-waving euphoria surrounding the revolution's victory and to get to the hard work of rebuilding the country. The caption reads: "It's high time for you to climb down and get to work! The garden is neglected, the latrine" (actually a Czech word for an open-air refuse pit) "is... Read More »

"The Royal Orgy" (1789)


In 1789, with the collapse of old regime censorship as well as a sense of liberation from traditional moral constraints, printed libels against the Queen became both more common and more intense. An example of this greater intensity is this light opera, with raunchy lyrics set to popular tunes. Not intended to be performed, the pamphlet spoofs the Queen’s great interest in opera and her... Read More »

Thumbnail image shows an ruins of an ancient temple with 6 tiers

A PreColumbian Portfolio: An Archive of Photographs

Each database record includes a caption, a brief (about 20-word) description, and information on the culture associated with the artifact, such as Maya, Olmec, or Zapotec.
A Rarity in the Camp

A Rarity in the Camp


A.A. Merekov sketch from Kolyma of a prisoner watching another play a reed pipe.

Aerial View of Maximum Security Camp Perm 36

Aerial View, Maximum Security Camp Perm 36, 1980-1989


Illustration depicting an aerial view of Maximum Security Camp, Perm 36 as it existed in its final years of operation between 1980-1989.

Aerial View of Perm 36

Aerial View, Perm 36, 1946-1950


Illustration of camp at what became known as Perm 36 as it appeared from 1946-1950 showing guards on horseback marching prisoners down the road.

Aerial View of Perm 36 in 1951-1954

Aerial View, Perm 36, 1951-1954


Illustration of camp at what became known as Perm 36 as it appeared from 1951-1954 depicting prisoners lined up outside their barracks.

Aerial View of Perm 36 in 1954-1972

Aerial View, Perm 36, 1954-1972


Illustration of camp at what became known as Perm 36 as it appeared from 1954-1972.

Aerial View of Strict Regime Camp

Aerial View, Strict Regime Camp, Perm 36, 1972-1989


Illustration of Strict Regime Camp, Perm 36 as it existed in 1972-1989.

An Attempt at Shame sketch

An Attempt at Shame


Color sketch from Evfrosiniia Kersnovskaia's self-illustrated memoirs of the interior of a prisoner railcar. The image shows passengers on a crowded transport train dealing with normal bodily functions while trying to maintain some sense of the privacy of regular life by holding up a blanket. Kersnovskaia writes in the accompanying text that for people from Bessarabia it was a real torture to... Read More »